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  • My first question is, what XHTML tags can and can not be placed in a post? The documentation says that there is a default set, but I have yet to find any tags that don’t work (which is a good thing in my case).

    My second question is, does WP have a certain amount of characters that it inserts a break tag in a post? The reason I ask is that I’m inserting a flash movie in a post. I figured to be on the safe side, I would string all the tags (the object, params, embed, etc.) together with now white space. Now… the flash movie displays as I expected, but when I look at the code, there is a break tag, that I didn’t enter between two of the param tags.

    I plan on putting several different types of media in my posts including mpgs, and flash, and I’m hoping it will all be possible just by putting the usual XHTML i would use if I were design the page outside of a blog system into the post field. Am I going to have issues with that?

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    WP can do everything you are hoping. As for your break tag, uncheck “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, located in Options/Writing.

    I did that, and it still put the br tag there.

    However, I found Ali Hassan’s Thumb-In-Post. I installed it, and did a test run, and worked great. It also got rid of an annoying paragraph tag I kept getting if I didn’t put my object tag in *just* right 🙂

    I do have to say, though, that a lot of this funky code stuff that is happening is because I’ve made my over-all template a bit weird. In order to get things to display the way I want them to, I have to break my entries up in to two divs which float: left (the basic idea is two columns).

    WP automatically puts a paragraph tag for the very first block of text, which is good… *but* if you put a div as your very first line of text, you’re asking for trouble (which means I’m asking for trouble), as the closing p tag will be written without an openning match.

    The solution I have found for this is to make sure to put a blank line between my openning div and my first block of text, and between my last block of text and my closing div. I don’t know why it works… but it does. It makes it so that WP doesn’t write a dangling closing p tag.

    And that had absolutely *nothing* to do with my original post 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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