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    xGallery is a Multimedia solution for WP. It’s exactly what it should be, a plugin, plug it in and it works 😀

    You can view it in action here:

    There’s also an administration backend via the WP Admin

    ! New home for xGallery ! (The sites a WIP so if it ever gets flakey check

    You can download 0.6 from any of the following:

    // 0.6 //

    Reworked the GD functions, removed the original code (wasn’t mine).
    No more borders/drop shadow etc… was more hassle then it’s worth.
    Fixed many file permission problems, tags that weren’t closed etc.
    The example-photos.php is not made to work with the default WP 1.5 theme
    Fixed a bug that would cause it to only generate 1 thumbnail instead of the whole batch
    — Look for a file manager and a slideshow in the next version!

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  • BTW, readme’s probably a bit outdated I forgot to check it

    If ANYONE receives ANY errors, tell me, you shouldn’t have any unless you don’t follow directions correctly.

    Don’t forget to CHMOD (777) your xGallery directory.

    — Forgot the example-photos.php, added it just in case anyone got here before I fixed the zip 😀

    DISREGARD: I posted before searching. My aplogies

    DISREGARD: I posted before searching. My aplogies

    **The example-photos.php is now made to work with the default WP 1.5 theme

    Bump, anyone having any problems?

    Yes I am!

    I get the error
    Warning: is_dir() []: Unable to access in /home/www/htdocs/ on line 184

    I don’t know what could not be accessed: the directory or the function?

    The domain is and it is forwarded wo

    The Default Gallery Path is: /wp-content/gallery/
    I tried many other possibilities with this path but i always get the same error.

    Dirs and files set to 777:
    /wp-content/gallery/.counter (i uploaded an empty text file)

    There’s a link to the renamed example-photos.php -> xgallery.php on the lower roght of the page “Bildergallerie”. There you will get the above mentioned error.
    The xgallery.php is placed in the root of the blog (

    I don’t know where i should look for the error, so please help me.

    I’m really not sure what that error means either 🙂

    Maybe it has something to do w/ redirecting, but I don’t think that would cause that problem.

    Don’t suppose anyone else can offer insight here?

    — One thing, I’m sure your WP is like /gazdf<that long word :P>/ right?

    Try setting your gallery to <that long word>/wp-content/gallery/

    I’m not sure I understand your instructions. I have the plugin activated, but I don’t know the purpose of the example-photos.php. Where do I upload pictures exactly? How do I make it so the gallery displays on it’s own page?

    @adb: you have got to copy your files into the directory you specified in wordpress options – xgallery. the default dir is /wp-content/gallery/, thet means is the right one

    i used the example-photos.php this way: i renamed it to xgallery.php and copied it into the root dir of WP. then i created a link in WP to that file and i had a link to my gallery on my WP blog.

    ok it’s working now with the long word 😛
    it’s glatzopatzo -> simple german wordplay with glatze, which means i have no hair (:-)

    but i still get the same error when i call the gallery and when i click on a picture to enlarge it.

    the gallery can be accessed by clicking on the “Bildergallerie” link on the lower right of the site

    Warning: is_dir() []: Unable to access in /home/www/htdocs/ on line 184

    ok now i have found a possibility to not getting the error, but it’s just commenting out the if clause in xgallery.php line 184

    it works fine now and i sawthat the script runs only 1 time through that line. i think this is just a check if the root dir of the gallery is being correctly defined.

    when i echo() the $rootpath i get “” as result. is that normal?

    I get the following error when viewing the gallery page

    There was an error with your request
    Error Message: Unable to access the specified directory

    works great save for one little problem as far as i can tell,
    if there aren’t any files in a gallery directory (like if wp-content/gallery only has folders and no files) you get an error.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/frozenco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/xgallery/xgallery.php on line 462 to see

    Disregard my last post–It’s now working. The page doesn’t display the proper background in Firefox. And how can I get the Gallery title and footer info center? Any suggestions?

    Yep, disregard my last post. Thanks.

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