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  • Ah….ummm….. no. Have you tried asking whoever it is that runs XDForum? I’m sort of thinking this isn’t a wp problem, y’know….

    it isnt a wordpress problem, its my problem and its been fixed now for a bit. i didnt see this thread, sorry. if you go to you can get the latest xdforum and upload it right over the one you have now, it will fix everything once you go in and set your settings in the admin pages.

    Heh, yep. I have to say your plugin works SO well, xavic, that I will be replacing my remaining phpBB fora with it. It’s perfect for the sort of application I need. And it seems to work cleanly and without the sort of security problems I’ve been having with phpBB for, really, years now.

    Thanks for a quality piece of work!

    Hi Xavic,
    Latest build works great as far as admin sections…no more double /dir/dir/ issues. I can get to all three admin pages with no erros…But…

    This install broke my pages display code in my sidebar, which before (previous versions of xdforum) would show the “forums” link to the page. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the address is to the actual forum page to see if there is any forum working.

    Maybe you could add a variable on the FORUM SETTINGS page to show the WP admin the address of the FORUMS page so they can take a look at it, and maybe copy/paste the link into other parts of their site (header/footer/sidebar/dropdown menus/etc.

    You’re making progress with this one…really looking forward to getting it 100% on my site. Keep up the work.

    Details..using connections theme, WP
    site address for WP

    Hey Xavic…

    Got it working. Took the Connections theme MAIN page and copied all the code from it. Created a NEW xdforumtemplate.php blank file. Pasted the MAIN php code into the blank page, sliced out the LOOP function, added the xdforum function…

    <div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
    <?php xdforum_process(); ?>

    and then found your page info /wpinstalldir/?a=xdforum and poof…there it was. Need to tweak the colors abit, but it’s there, and it works.

    THANK YOU Sir…check it out.

    Xavic…now that it’s working…

    This page is the first forum. The two topics have the alternating background colors.

    This is the topic page, with two posts. Notice there is no cell color background for this page. Would it be possible to add background color control in the FORUM SETTINGS page, so that the background graphic/color of the overall Wp theme is not showing behind the actual forum postings? Does this make sense? Or, maybe this is something that might better be done in the stylesheet. Thoughts?

    Again, thanks…cool tool…

    By the way, sidebar PAGE links display is still broken…

    awesome that you got it up and going, and thanks for all the compliments. i think what i need to do is make the forum link in the pages part of the sidebar be an option. and i also need to make a post display template so that people can easily edit their post displays to their liking structure wise and color wise. i probably wont have time to do that this week though, maybe next depending on how fast i can get a certain other project completed. anyway, keep your eye out for it, i will update my site at with details next time i add features/fixes….

    Thanks…look forward to what you may come up with. Couple of suggestions for future plans. Maybe add a tab to the admin section with a list of function calls, including control buttons for activate/deactivate link on sidebar pages forum link, to do list for future plans (maybe call a page up from your site with status of plugin, version, additions, issues, etc), and definitely control for forum/postings/any other content display tool. And, since color is a key factor to meshing the forum with a current site theme, why not have a color picker tool right there on the config screen to get the color needed.

    Keep up the great work…


    all good ideas, ill paste them into my todo text file…

    Hi…I’ve got 2 questions about XDforums.

    1. What’s the code to place the latest posts in the sidebar? Haven’t been able to find that anywhere.

    2. I am unable to edit my template or post template for XD forums. Is that supposed to be the case, or is it something with my web host?

    Thanks!! I think xdforums really rock!


    Hi there,
    I’ve just installed XD Forum in WordPress, but I’m having the following error:

    XDForum could not copy the forum template file into your current theme directory. Please make sure your theme directory is writable by the webserver.
    chmod -R 0777 /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/ is most likely the command you need to run.

    I already checked out my server (through CPanel)and I have all permissions for the wp-content folder (0777). The problem continues.

    This is my forum address:

    Can you give me a hand?



    The easiest way to fix this, Patricia, is to move the two files found in /wp-content/plugins/xdforum/

    1) xdforumtemplate.php
    2) xdforumposttemplate.php

    move those two files into your theme directory:


    That should bypass that error. If not please post any concerns/questions at and we will do our best to help you further. Hope this helped.

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