[resolved] [Plugin: Xcloner] backup start path problem using godaddy hosting (2 posts)

  1. gotwickdotcom
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am having trouble getting xcloner to work on my godaddy hosting account. I am switching over to a new hosting company, but I need to get a backup working on the new hosting before I get rid of the godaddy one. (I already have xcloner all setup in the new hosting site! no problems!)

    In xcloner info tab I get these errors:

    \\administrator\backups incorrect or unreadable
    the path [Backup Start Path/administrator/backups] needs to be created and be writeable in order for XCloner to work properly

    / incorrect or unreadable
    the backup start path needs to exist and be readable in order for XCloner to start the backup process

    /wp-backup unwriteable
    needs to be writeable in order for XCloner to archive backups

    I have wp installed to root. I checked with godaddy for the proper path, but when I type it in, it gets changed to / in xcloner general tab. I also checked in file manager that all the folders exist and have read/write permissions, which they do. My hosting acct is Windows IIS 7.

    Any ideas? Sorry if I left out any necessary info...knowing me it is probably something dumb....Thanks in advance!

  2. gotwickdotcom
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok, update!

    I got this info from the developer:

    Inside the wp-content/plugins/xcloner-backup-and-restore/common.php file there is a function that adjusts the paths automatically called realpath(), lines 38 and 39, remove that function by doing a search and replace after "realpath" and see how it goes, should look like this:

    $_CONFIG['backup_path'] = ($_CONFIG['backup_path'])."/";
    $_CONFIG['backups_dir'] = ($_CONFIG['backup_path'])."/administrator/backups";

    I went into the file using the editor in plugins menu, added // in front of each of these two lines, and saved it. Now I can make backups, although they get smaller in filesize each time I create one...but I'll save that for another thread...

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