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    Hello Liuta,

    I am not sure why, but starting a few months ago, XCloner stopped sending me email notifications whenever it conducts a backup.

    Please note that it still does two daily backups. However, for some unknown reason, I am not getting the emails.

    I thought that perhaps my XCloner settings had gotten messed up somehow. However, I was unable to find the setting where I give it my email address. Would I be correct to assume that XCloner automatically uses whatever email address I have in my member account?

    I just checked the spam folder for my gmail account — which is the email address I use in my WordPress blog — but there are no notifications there from XCloner or from my blog.

    I also checked my rules in Little Snitch, and there is nothing there blocking sendmail, postfix or smtp.

    UPDATE: I just checked my most recent XCloner log file, and it seems to confirm that XCloner is sending me email notifications, yet I am not receiving them for some reason:

    [2019-05-04 14:00:17] xcloner_archive.INFO: Sending backup notification to [] []

    So if XCloner is truly sending them out — and the email address is correct, BTW — where are they going?

    I am at a loss as to why I am not receiving XCloner email notifications.

    Can you point me in the right direction, please?

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    I would suggest checking in with your hosting support to see if the mail server works correctly, otherwise, it would be best to setup your site to send emails through a smtp server as described here , are other email sending pages working correctly on you site?

    There is nothing wrong with the mail servers I use — Gmail and Yahoo. I use them every single day to send and receive email in the Apple Mail app.

    I don’t have any other pages or services on my website which send out email. Just WordPress. Well, I do have an old school cgi-based messageboard, but it uses sendmail.

    It was a bit tricky and complicated, but thanks to their precise online instructions, I was able to successfully set up my Gmail account with WordPress using the WP Mail SMTP, as you suggested. After the setup, the test mail was successful.

    Thank you for recommending WP Mail SMTP to me. I still have no idea why my email notifications stopped working. I am wondering if the WordFence plugin might have something to do with it. But I haven’t looked into it.

    Right now I am waiting for XCloner to conduct its next automated backup, in order to see if I will receive the email notification. If I do a manual backup, it won’t send the email out, right?

    Question: Is it okay to delete the old log files in the backups folder, or will doing so confuse XCloner in some way?

    Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    You can delete the old log files without problems, and in Manual Backup, you can also get an email notification if you’ve set one in the backup generate backup screen first tab

    Okay, Liuta. Thanks for the confirmation. XCloner has begun sending me email notifications once again, thanks to the plugin which you recommended to me. 🙂

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