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  • I downloaded xcache, it said to just stick it in Wp-Content. I’m also using Wp-Super Cache too.

    Now, is there something I’m supposed to do here, like a special config?

    Here’s my specs for my hosting:

    cPanel Version 11.15.0-RELEASE
    cPanel Build 17665
    Theme x3
    Apache version 2.0.61
    PHP version 5.2.4
    MySQL version 5.0.27-standard
    Architecture i686
    Operating system Linux
    Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
    Kernel version 2.6.9-023stab044.
    cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)

    does it even work with what I’ve got to work with here or do I need to get eaccelerator? (I think it’s called)

    Reason I’m asking is, I don’t see a difference and it’s kind of weird to just drop a file in, with no turning on and the like.

    just wondering.


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  • You need to have x-cahe installed and configured on your server. Probably not available on a shared host, but if you have VPS or a dedicated server, you should install this yourself. You are right, dropping aplugin file is not the whole story. see for more details

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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