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  • I’m asking the community as a last resort.

    As a training tool I work with teams of individuals to teach them some basic webdesign skills and how to use WordPress to set up simple sites.

    I use XAMPP as platform to allow them to get an understanding about the deeper processes involved in serving up their site.

    For the last 12-18 months this process has been fine. I have been able to take a USB install XAMPP onto that drive, add a database and a site folder in htdocs, copy the WordPress files into that folder, go to localhost/sitename and have it load the WP install.

    Then move through steps 1 & 2 and find myself with a fresh install of WordPress that I can play with at will.

    (also make some minor edit to the necessary locations so that the upload size is increased)


    For some reason (I thought it was an update to either WordPress or XAMPP) I can’t do this…

    I can install XAMPP and it all seems fine… I can copy over the WordPress files etc. and get to the setup wizard. BUT EVERY TIME I RUN THE THING it fails to set up ALL of the databases.

    I feel like I have tried everything at my disposal.. Including various re-formats of the USB, installing/Uninstalling various versions of both XAMPP and WordPress but the error persists…

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how to clone/copy an already working USB and this fresh install as I said ISN’T working.


    I’m a novice really but I can follow instructions and ad-lib enough to be dangerous when it comes to code.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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