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  • Hi , i’m building a test website on my computer using wordpress , and xampp server, i have a static ip that i can show my work to client, i did the forwarding in the router page , the wordpress in a folder called wordpress in my xampp server, when i enter my ip adress/wordpress
    it shows the website except the pictures doesn’t show
    Can anyone help, or where should i ask this…
    Thank you so much please helpp

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  • Look at the source code of your site, and I’m sure that you’ll see that the images are served something like this:

    <img src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/image.jpg" />

    The problem is that changing your sites URL or IP doesn’t change the hard-coded links for images and links in posts/pages.

    The easiest tool that I’ve found for this is here. That lets you change everything to what it will need to be for the site ot show externally. Just be aware that you’ll have to continue accessing it from the external IP address becuase you can’t just change it back without going through the whole process again.

    Oh my God thank you very much for the answer , so the problem that i need to change the physical address , of each picture to the static ip address instead of localhost , but then it won’t work locally, i got it , and again thank you so much ,you’re just a life saver.
    and if i can just ask one more question , if i wanted to move a wordpress site after working on it to another server is there is an easy way to do that right away like a plug in or a script or something like that ?

    I know there’s some plugins out there that do the same thing as this script does, but that script is the eaiest way that I’ve found to do it so far.

    Thanks again , i will do that , i have another problem i can’t access my wp-admin page when accessing it from another computer using my static ip address how to fix this please help

    Hard to say without a lot more info. What is happening? Are you getting an error?Page not found? Redirection? Wrong URL returned? etc? etc? etc?

    its a server error in application error 404 not found

    The first thing I’d do is check the access and error logs on your server and see what they say. There should be more details in there that can point you in the right direction. As it’s a 404, there’s got to be some actions logged on your server somewhere.

    This is a print screen from the error page if that helps

    I can’t see anything there, but if it’s a 404 a screenshot won’t do any good anyway. As I said before, the answers are in your servers Apache logs. Most likely the error log, but also possible the request log.

    Hi , i’m building a test website on my computer using wordpress , and xampp server

    The 404 error message appears to be reported by an IIS server, not by XAMPP.

    C:\inetpub\wwwroot is for IIS. XAMPP uses apache, and its webroot is more likely to be something like; “C:\xampp\htdocs”.

    If you want to run XAMPP, then disable IIS if you have no legitimate need for it on that machine. Don’t run two web servers on the same port on the same machine.

    XAMPP “how to” WordPress

    Thank you for answering it’s just driving me crazy
    I just checked my windows features IIs is disabled

    That’s the weird part my IIs isn’t running at all and it’s looking in my iis root ?

    If you are seeing that error page – the one that says ‘Internet Information Services’ in the top right corner – I would think that the Windows IIS server is probably running.

    Is there is another way to make sure that it’s running aside from checking my add and remove features cause i have checked that page , and beside internet information service there is no check , its just driving me crazy

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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