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  • I just installed XAMPP, and got a local copy of a WordPress site up and running – everything except permalinks, tried uncommenting the ‘LoadModule rewrite_module modules/’ – didn’t work. Figured working without pretty permalinks locally is not the end of the world – decided to reboot the machine and, uch,’Object not found!’ when i try to open the same folder on localhost. XAMPP and all its bits still seem fine, can see the database via MyPHP etc.

    So close, and yet… :- (
    Win XP, WordPress 2.0.1, any ideas?

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  • Fixed. :- )
    Suspect the problem was partly caused by an unsucsesfully uninstalled previous AMP instelation by Foxserv, cept uninstalling and installing, removing services etc – and then suddenly it was working – still not pretty permalinks but can deal with that.

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