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  • I’m trying to install wordpress on my PC so I can edit and test the site offline, and I downloaded xampp and did everything to get a local server environment setup, which seems to have worked somewhat — when I go to my homepage comes up and I can log in to my wordpress dashboard. But, except for the content on my front page, none of the other page content shows up.

    The links to my other pages are on my front page, and their content shows up in my dashboard when I go to look at the pages from that view (so the content is in the local database i created and the wordpress dashboard, at least, knows it), but when I click “view page” or try to navigate there from the front page, a “Welcome to XAMPP for Windows!” message pops up.

    I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t view these pages in my browser, even though they are on my local server, I can see my home page just fine, and I can even see and edit the content for the other pages in the visual editor in my dashboard?

    I’m trying to be patient about figuring it out, but I really am running out of ideas of things to check lol.

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  • So, I’m not sure why this worked exactly, but I downloaded and installed Microsoft’s URL Rewrite program (which can be found here Microsoft URL Rewrite Module), and now my permalink names seem to work just fine. I thought it might be a problem with the permalinks based on the article I read here codex.wordpress, but I’m not sure what the problem was specifically that the URL Rewrite program fixed? (i.e. what had to be rewritten in my current wordpress files for the browser to know where to look them up?)

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