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  • I’m having trouble with my WordPress 2.0 wysiwyg editor.
    It was working fine until I tried to install some plugins. I attempted EditorMonkey and it loaded OK but no graphical interface came up at all.
    Then, when I deactivated it, I got back the normal interface but not the wysiwyg one. That’s after I turned it back on.
    The only way I could get a wysiwyg editor at all after that was to load WYSI-Wordpress 3.1, but that seems to have a compatibility problem wiht WordPress 2.0 — image editor doesn’t load.
    Any ideas. I can’t upgrade WordPress until my shared host gets it on the fantastico/c-panel upgrade.

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  • How is it that you can’t upgrade WordPress through FTP?

    Anyways…the problem with EditorMonkey is that you don’t have the proper file permissions for the editor directories. You need to chmod the editormonkey/fckeditor/ or editormonkey/tinymce/ directories to 777 using an FTP or SSH program. Once you get things working, you can then change the permissions to whatever else works (usually 666, 644, or the ilk).

    However…if you can’t upgrade WordPress until it’s updated in C-Panel, you won’t be able to change the file permissions so that you can use EditorMonkey.

    Read this post:

    Editor Monkey wins ‘most intrusive plugin of the century’ award and is a real pig to remove. But it can be done!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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