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  • Less than a week after the release of version one, Choices, the unique wordpress theme, version two is being released. I have run many tests with it, however I have not caught all of the bugs. Any bugs that you find that clearly have not yet been discovered should be reported to me as soon as possible.

    Version two includes many new features which will make this theme much easier to use and customize for yourself. The point of this theme is so that people with less knowlage than most people in CSS and other scripting languages. This will allow you to go into the wordpress admin panel and then click the link to the theme builder. There you will be able to create a blog with all of your favorite fonts and colors!

    –Theme Builder

    The theme builder is a seperate page in the wordpress administration panel. It includes both a color chart with some colors that you can choose from. It also includes a theme editor where you can change the colors and font of the text and elements from your blog. It also includes a preview of what your blog will look like.

    –Heavily Edited Theme Files

    Just like before, in version 1-1.2, there are heavily commented theme files. All of the files associated with the theme are heavily commeted so that when you are editing them, youare never alone. The comments are just like your own personal guide through all of the files. Most of the styling can be easily edited using the online theme builder.
    –Admin Interface Integration

    The theme builder is integrated directly into the wordpress administration panel. To change settings for the files using colors and fonts all that you have to do is login to your admin cp and click the tab which reads “Choices Theme Editor”. This will automatically appear after a correct installation, there are no extra steps required.

    –The Future

    After looking into what may come in the future of version 2, I anticipate that I will be adding many more colors to change in the admin panel. I also hope to be able to change the layout, width, and a portion of the sidebar. In the next version there will probably also be a place to insert images at the top before your posts.

    I hope that you enjoy the release of Choices version two! I have found that it is very helpful now with the admin interface for editing files. I invite you to check out the screenshot of the admin interface before downloading and installing! The installation is a little bit more complicated as your are required to CHMOD files. Please ensure that you actually read the readme BEFORE attempting to install. Ensure that you CHMOD all five of the text files in the wp-admin directory to 777, or read and write – global. This allows you to sucessfully edit the files in the administration panel. Any comments or questions are welcome, simple send me an email! Happy blogging! (and customizing!) PS, the banner on the blog will remain for a little while so that visitors will see where to get Choices! -Paul White

    ( My Website | Version 2 Release )

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