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WYSIWYG in WP 2.2 and Firefox 2.0

  • Hello

    I upgraded to WP 2.2 and now Firefox 2.0 has some problems with the WYSIWYG editor.

    If the text is longer than the displayed window the text isn’t scrolled correctly and the next lines are not displayed.

    How to fix?

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  • I also have a problem using the same setup. Only parts of the WYSIWYG editor work, links and images create an empty pop up window.

    I’ve also noticed creating Categories only works sometimes. Logging out and logging back in will fix it.

    Does anyone successfully use WordPress on a Mac? If so can you please share your setup? Thanks!

    I think I found the problem – it was the plugn wp2g – so I upgraded it to the recent version as well and the editor seems to be ok now with Firefox. But I’ll make more tests.

    Tin68 I have no plugin called “wp2g” and still have the problems. Are things working for you now?

    Had the same problem here for the Mac (an PC) on firefox, never worked in Safari sofar, and was not showing up in IE either. I had no weird plugins installed. I tried this solution and it worked for me:


    I upgraded to TinyMCE .04 and switched to using Camino on MAC OS X and things work well.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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