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  • I’m curious if there’s anything out there that allows an author to toggle between WYSIWYG and HTML editing mode on the same page in WordPress 2.0 . It would be nice to do most work in WYSIWYG mode but when I needed to mess with the HTML, I could quickly switch over to see what’s been generated and edit that HTML.

    Currently, I don’t see how to do that without saving the post, changing the user preference for editing the post to HTML mode and then going back into the post to edit it.

    If there’s a plugin that allows this, I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, I’d love it if someone better at code than I could make this a plugin.

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  • Isn’t there a “html” button in the wysiwyg editor that opens a small popup window that shows the thml code?

    When I click that button an empty window opens. Regardless of whether I highlight text prior to opening the window or whatever.

    Well, not exactly empty…an html editor opens…it’s just that there’s nothing in it.

    Hmmm. that’s strange. Of course, if there is nothing in the text input area – the window will be empty.
    However, in my install, if I already wrote something in the wysiwyg editor or I open an existing post/Page for editing – clicking on the “html” button will open the window with the html code of the post.

    Yeah, that is strange. I just double checked my editor. It doesn’t work like that. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that I use Firefox?

    It worked for me with FF 1.5

    If I might expand on same topic:

    >Isn’t there a “html” button in the wysiwyg editor that opens a small popup window that shows the html code?

    Yes, there is a button that pops up an HTML editing window. But sometimes I prefer to use the HTML interface, similar to the old WP interface.

    Also, if I use the HTML window to enter something, I want it to be left alone. I don’t want my code changed.

    For example, I’ve also found that entering an anchor tag pointing to “#bookmark” in either the WYSIWYG or HTML windows doesn’t work well, because the editor changes it to “http://myblog.tld/wp-admin/post.php#bookmark”. Consider that I have a bookmark that appears on all pages, and I don’t want to have to send someone to “/#bookmark” when I think I should be able to (used to be able to) send them to “#bookmark” on the current page.

    Any suggestions?

    Okay, I’m a dumbass. I admit it.

    I just found the “Use the visual rich editor when writing” checkbox under “Personal Options” at the bottom of the user profile. That allows me to do exactly what I want to do. Although I do wish there was a toggle on the editor page.

    Oh, the “#bookmark” issue only appears on the WSYIWYG editor. Everything is fine when using the HTML editor interface (not the WSYIWYG pop-up HTML editor).

    I agree. There should be a checkbox on the post & page editing screen to ‘toggle wsyiwyg’ that either stayed off till checked again or at least for this page and then goes back to the default.

    Right now you have to go to your User Profile to toggle it – go make changes – and then toggle it back. But since this is such a pain I just leave it off.

    Does anybody know if someting has come up regarding the possibility to toggle between the tinymce and the oldstyle buttons directly in the post page?

    Try the new WP version… Your version is outdated



    I’m also interested in this functionality and haven’t seen it implemented anywhere.
    Is there anything that allows toggling TinyMCE and regular HTML edit on the post page, like the Blogger interface?

    I would like to design the layout with a WYSIWYG and then be able to quickly add a few javascript after that.

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