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  • Hi anybody know of a way to add wysiwyg as well as image upload/select to the post form? that would be incredible.


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  • We’re probably not going to add WYSIWYG because it’s too slow. A media form might be a future version though.

    If you wanted to add that ability, you could use tinymce like WordPress does in the admin interface. But, like matt said, it would be too slow for a frontpage feature.

    I’ve been burning my eyes out late at night working on theme to work just like p2, but you guys have nailed it! awesome and thank you.. NOW if we could only attach images!! please help push me in the right direction to figure this out. I know enough I think I could do this with a little push in the right direction.

    I use the regular WP admin if I want to add images or attachments. No problem. Keep the front page post facility simple, I reckon.

    In the prologue theme this worked quite well, but you mean that this would slow down the page because of the new features?

    it seems that p2 creates a post edit form for every post loaded on the front page, and hitting “edit” simply turns that CSS layer from display:none; to display:block;

    Therefore, if you display 10 posts per page, and had TinyMCE enabled, there would be 10 instances of TinyMCE running at the same time for every page when logged in as admin.. maybe their keyboard shortcuts will also compete amongst each other and with p2’s built-in shortcuts for keyboard attention

    That really sounds not very promising 🙁


    Major Design Error 🙁 Damnit.

    it’s fast – that was the point of p2

    no need to wait for server response; ain’t that cool

    Ok, I stumbled across Textile, which is really cool I think. Could this be kind of a workaround?

    I thought that the user can input text with textile formatting and by hitting the “Post it” Button, everything gets translated to html.
    Perhaps the javascript file of cleverdevil could be a good start?

    Or what about a jQuery plugin?

    Sadly, I’m quite a poor programmer when it comes to js, php and html. If I were better I would try this by myself.

    yokima: it’s fast – that was the point of p2 […]no need to wait for server response; ain’t that cool

    Well, actually I’d prefer “waiting” one second more in order to be able to edit my posts with WYSIWYG. Having long discussions on our project, rather then twitteresque posts like “K, the poop ‘s coming out now!”, it’s a certain comfort to use WYSIWYG: Adding Images, Qoutes, Links, etc, doesn’t result in Code (which I’m fine with – my members are not) – but clearly understandable output. I don’t have the ambition to teach all of my Users how to use HTML-Code – I wanna offer them something comparable to MSOffice – which is what they know, understand and are able to use.



    @yokima :
    I change layer from display:none; to display:block; in entry.php

    <div style="display:block">
                <div id="respond" style="display:block">
                <?php require dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/comment-form.php'; ?>
                </div> <!-- #respond -->
            </div> <!-- #wp-temp-form-div -->

    But no change on display !

    Jesus, still no fixes around? so sad 🙁

    I managed to get an editor for my post-form. I used this tool:

    It’s very lightweight (5k), and very similar to the simple markup editor you have here at

    I believe with the technique I used, it is possible to use any editor your choice. However, like many others said, speed is something you should consider.

    If someone is interested in how to implement editor, just reply, I’ll return and show you how.

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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