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  • I have a number of WYSIWYG fields in addition to simple text inputs.

    I’ve noticed that if I run a dump of the database and then re-import into a different database, all the fields are created, but only information in the simple text inputs is retrieved. WYSIWYG fields show up as empty in the admin.

    However, I have done a manual search of content I know *should* be in those fields, and it IS there in the DB. What would cause this, and can it be fixed?

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  • Plugin Author Cristian Antohe


    That makes no sense unless you made a small naming change on your WYSIWYG fields between versions.

    Can you please check again that metaboxes and fields are named exactly the same in both instances? If they are then, I’ll need to try and replicate this locally.

    Also, did you do search / replace on the DB’s? If that’s the case, did you take into account serialized arrays?

    I agree it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. I’ve encountered this problem multiple times, on three different databases.

    The metabox/field name issue is irrelevant–I’m literally exporting the database, running search/replace on text entries (such as replacing “Seattle Washington” with “Seattle, WA”) and then reimporting into an empty DB.

    I’m not doing search/replace through SQL commands, so serialized arrays aren’t the problem.

    Plugin Author Cristian Antohe


    running search/replace on text entries (such as replacing “Seattle Washington” with “Seattle, WA”)

    There’s your problem. You’re doing search replace without taking into account serialized arrays in PHP.

    Use this php script to do search / replace from now on.

    Basically, the length of the string changes but the indexes for the serialized strings does not. Consequently settings are lost and your metabox information disappears.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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