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  • Plugin Author Kal Ström


    Strange. It’s not like that for me …

    I have a styling issue (the background is transparent/grey).

    Plugin conflict?

    I figured out how to reproduce:

    The visual editor no longer works for custom post types that don’t support editor.

    Here’s my custom post type:

    register_post_type('spider_fyb_item', array(
    	'label' => 'fyb',
    	'public' => true,
    	'rewrite' => array(
    		'slug' => 'fyb',
    	'supports' => array(

    If I add 'editor' to the 'supports' array, it works. So my guess is that WordPress 3.2 no longer enqueues the TinyMCE JavaScript when it isn’t needed; More Fields will probably need to enqueue it explicitly when a WYSIWYG field is present.

    Check out the bottom of this post, “UPDATE 06-07-2011 – WordPress 3.2.” I think it explains the issue!

    Plugin Author Kal Ström


    Right. Thanks!

    Sorry to dig this up again but it’s the only thread I’ve seen on the issue. I’ve read through the link that Aaron posted but I’m not sure where you are meant to put the line of code they suggest fixes the issue?

    wp_preload_dialogs( array( 'plugins' => 'wpdialogs,wplink,wpfullscreen' ) );

    So what’s the solution to this issue? So what’s the solution to this issue? I don’t see anything within More Fields that references wp_tiny_mce_preload_dialogs()

    Yep, I had a look through all the plugin files as well and I didn’t find it anywhere.

    The adding support for the editor fix Aaron mentions does work but obviously I’d rather the editor wasn’t there.

    In order to use Aaron’s fix you would have had to make the Post_Type manually. I’m using More_Types.

    Oh I see, I’ve got mine set up manually and while it does work it isn’t really a fix.



    Looking for this fix as well – I’m using Custom Post Type UI and would love to diable the editor on some post types, but it gets rid of the visual editor for all the custom fields.

    Any known fix?

    Also looking for a fix for this. Don’t want the editor but want the WYSIWYG functionality in the text boxes.

    I spoke with @kalstrom on twitter he said they would not be working on this for a indefinite period of time. Sounds like someone needs to take up the cause and reiterate these plugins or nag @kalstrom and @hm6612 to resolve these issues.

    Plugin Author Kal Ström


    Our schedules are just too hectic right now. But we will fix this issue.

    I don’t think we’ll have a release for you before early October.

    Plugin Author Kal Ström


    We know you’ve been patient.

    Just this moment we posted an updated More Fields 2.1 with compatibility for WYSIWYG fields on created post types.

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    I found a bug in with german translation WP, wysiwyg not replace the strings. Related to this entry:

    Commented out line 81 in more-fields-settings-object.php solved this for me:
    //wp_tiny_mce( false ); // true gives you a stripped down version of the editor

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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