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    I would like to be able to copy embedded links from one place and paste them in the editor. Right now I have to highlight what I want to be a hyperlink and then manual paste in the code. This can get time consuming.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Please submit your feature request to the plugin’s developer.

    where is plugins developer?

    You’ve posted the suggestion here, brianbonner, and that is usually enough.

    And because you find copying and pasting links to be time consuming, join the club. That’s the way it works. WordPress has some powerful features, but it can’t read your mind or wash windows.

    If there was such a feature, how would it know when and what links you want to embed? And how would it know the title information or the word or phrase you want to link “around”? Copy and Paste is the only way.

    Some HTML Editing software programs will allow you to create a macro or script, so all you have to do is paste the link, highlight it, and then click a button or key combination to put the anchor code on the front and back of the link, but they you still have to add your own title and link phrase. Still involves work, but it can save a few keystrokes.

    It works in word. in other words if it is already an ebedded hyperlink that I am copying from another webpage, or word, then paste it in the write window, it reverts to plain text. So then i have to highlight it clink link, go to properties of the hyperlink, copy the link from there and then paste it into the link box. When I copy it to word it keeps the hyperlink information. that is what I would like the write editor to do as well.

    Having this feature would make everyone’s life easier.

    That would involve far more than a plugin. Word supports rich-text pasting which web browsers do not. It’s plain text. Plugins will not help you in this case.

    Moderator James Huff


    Won’t cut it, macmanx. Re-read what he’s after.

    And in this particular case, I’m not thrilled with what Word does with the link it creates.

    There’s something BIGGER that you need to understand, brianbonner. Links carry some “weight” with search engines and really good web designers and developers know how to make links work for them. Here’s a quick lesson.

    You get “points” towards the search engine score board if you have good quality links and if the information in the links is part of your content and keyword information. Let’s say your site is about photography and you have a link to photography.

    <a title="Photography site about Closeup Photography" href="">Photography site about Closeup Photography</a>

    In the most simplest of terms, you have “photography” in your keywords and in your content, and then you have links with the word “photography” in them. In this exagerated case, you have five uses of the word, though that’s pushing things. You just scored big.

    Web designers and developers do themselves a big favor when designing their sites with accessibility in mind. The title in the link is spoken by Reading Internet browsers. It’s a lot better than having it read:

    link to - Somesite Title

    I’d fall asleep real fast on such a site.

    You can also customize your external links to look different from your internal links. By adding a class to the link, you can add the little arrows on the end, change the color, or highlight it in some way to make it look different from the internal links.

    If you want to go against conventions, you can also give instructions in the link to have it open in a new window when clicked. There are lots of things you can do to links.

    Word will never give you this kind of power over your links.

    Besides, if you don’t care about any of those things, copy the link (right click in your browser, copy link location or copy target) and go to your Write Post screen and click the quicktag “LINK” and paste in the link and you’re done – oh, you have to add in the link text, which you have to do anyway with Word or you will just get the URL.

    See, we continue to always give you more information than you need to help solve your problems. This is a legitimate issue, if you are only accustomed to using Word. Luckily for you, you have us wonderful volunteers to help!

    Well, the plug-in does do what I want it to do, and it handles link code properly. It like the WP editor. However it added all this extra code to the post.

    <p><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'times new roman'; mso-fareast-font-family: 'times new roman'; mso-ansi-language: en-us; mso-fareast-language: en-us; mso-bidi-language: ar-sa">Another <a href="">excellent article</a> about Paul Revere on the <a href="">Right Wing Nut House</a>:</span></p>
    <span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'times new roman'; mso-fareast-font-family: 'times new roman'; mso-ansi-language: en-us; mso-fareast-language: en-us; mso-bidi-language: ar-sa"><br />

    Which I do not like at all.

    That’s the price you “pay” for having wysiwyg 🙂

    Damn, macmanx, you were right. I didn’t know it would do that. Learn something new every day.

    It is not worth it to have bloated code. I will go back to stock and suffer. I will not ever complain again. Thanks Lorelle.

    Also thank you Macmanx for helping.

    On a related note, while I can hand code HTML/XHTML, that doesn’t mean I prefer to type out every tag every time. (I also use WYSIWYG; just depends on what I’m doing and how I’d like to view it while I’m doing it.)

    I bought fairly recently an inexpensive program that would allow me to record keystrokes, including pauses and mouse/cursor selections, and then replay them. I can even assign the recorded “macros” to particular “trigger” keystrokes, like Alt K. The beauty of it is that it works in Windows itself, not just within a particular program, so I’ve recorded various email signatures, a procedure for saving a particular file in Photoshop, and various HTML tags that I type over and over in HomeSite, Dreamweaver and WordPress, and I’m just getting started.

    The one I’m using is PerfectKeyboard Pro. There are others.

    (No, I don’t own the company or even know them.)

    DianeV, that sounds a wonderful investment. I’ll be taking a look at it today!

    I love macros….

    Yes. Shades of WordPerfect 5.1 (a ‘way old word processing program). Love it.

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