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    Does anyone know of a way to disable the WYSIWYG editor messing up div tags into p tags without a closing p? It doesn’t get pretty. I’m very surprised. The MCE didn’t do this a couple years back.
    The flag for enabling WP to clean up code is of course not checked.
    I’ve even tried to check it and uncheck, just in case. Couldn’t find the post in the Db. Any hints?

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  • There is a long thread about it:

    I believe this is about to be fixed in 2.1.1. Sounds like that’s to be released soon.

    Ok. Thanx for the hint. I just downloaded 2.11
    Thank you everyone who contributed to this fix!

    Looks like it works fine when only the code editor is available (Use the visual editor when writing unchecked), but if the visual editor is even available, it automatically converts code even if no adjustments are made in the wysiwyg window. This isn’t a huge deal for me since I have no need for the wysiwyg editor, but it still seems like part of the bug persists.

    yeah, turn it off. nice um, “feature”… an editor that makes invalid markup of your valid markup. How original.

    WordPress Team? Can we get this incessant visual Rich Text Editor problem working properly???

    -Deleted div tags whenever they are inserted
    -Can’t enter repeated blank lines. Going to code view and back to RTE deletes them.

    I have clients beating me up over this as do many other developers who advocate WordPress to their clients.

    If RTE can’t be fixed then get rid of it completely.

    Right now is sucks.

    You’re right. This is a stupid bug and should be fixed, but we just don’t have the right to demand getting it fixed. I tried to hack many TinyMCE files over this and just couldn’t get it working properly.
    I could help you with any css if you help me with this!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Deleted div tags whenever they are inserted

    This should indeed be changed, as it’s rather annoying.

    Can’t enter repeated blank lines. Going to code view and back to RTE deletes them.

    This is by design, actually. Even if you enter a bunch of blank lines (or br’s) in the code view, WordPress will eliminate them. Entering extra blank lines to insert vertical space is not the XHTML/CSS way. You can disagree all you like, but this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

    If you want vertical space between paragraphs, use P tags around your paragraphs along with style=”margin-top:…” or style=”margin-bottom:…”.

    And disagree I will.

    What sort of “crisis” is created if one does not adhere 100% to XHTML/CSS?

    When a standard gets in the way of common sense, the standard is no longer a standardization tool but rather a usage control.

    When a tool forces a user to comply to standards that a user should be free to adjust at will, then the tool becomes a usage control rather than a tool.

    If one has to go through an HTML and CSS exercise to simply insert an extra line…well friend, that is ludicrous and precisely why I have little respect for standards.

    Tell a client who is editing their own content–a client who does not know what CSS is or will EVER care–that they can’t insert a blank line. Ask them if they think that is intelligent design. They won’t. And they would be correct in their thinking. Non-programmers are keenly intelligent. They live and think in the real world.

    BTW, even with my lack of respect for standards, I STILL have hundreds of happy clients with websites that bring them business. So please don’t feed me the “importance” of strict adherence to standards. Standards have their place but there is no place for tools that force strict adherence at the expense of usability.

    The above is a wordy way of saying “drop the XHTML/CSS puritanism and give us a 100% flexible tool so we and our clients can make our own decisions about using it as we see fit.”

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