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  • Hello ,

    just upgraded from 2.0.6 to 2.1 it is a nice version and i like it, so far everything is OK with me but seems that WYSIWYG editor is not working correctly with WP 2.1

    now im not able to write/upload anything unless i deactivate it

    any idea how to fix this problem ?

    Thnaks in advance

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  • Is it that you haven’t turned it on? You have to go into your profile and enable it.

    Well as i said before editing works fine if WYSIWYG deactivate but if its ON non of the editing will be saved !

    I am having same problem. Draft posts load normally and I can save if visual editor not turned on. As soon as I turn it on (I would prefer to use it), everything disappears as soon as the buttons load up on the editor.

    This was auto upgrade from 2.0.6 to 2.1 on my host. I am seeing “Done with errors on page” message at bottom of page.

    Temporarily deactivated my plugins and cleared cache – no change.

    Help please.

    I too am having problems with the visual editor. When I click to publish it does not publish anything. It works Ok without the WYSIWYG editor option.

    okay now i need to upload pictures without FTP progs. any other idea ?

    Same problem too. When upgrading from 2.0.6 to 2.1 everything ran fine until I played around with discussion settings to disallow readers to post comments. At this point, editor only saved title but not post and couldn’t switch between visual and code.
    I tried it to be solved allowing comments back but it failed.
    Now, the only way to save and publish posts is disabling visual editor from User Profile.

    This is horrible too many problems, why would they release such unstable/bugged upgrade? Visual editor not working, link page not working, etc, , ,
    Good thing I backed up, went back to the original version, all back to normal now.

    I’d like to bump this topic please. I upgraded from 2.0.7 to 2.1 and am facing a somewhat similar problem. I can see the visual editor, but clicking on the Code button does nothing. Also, anything I post doesn’t display, although comments work.

    I am on a server with PHP 4.4.4 and also a supportive mySQL (I can see all the old posts, just have a problem making new ones)

    Brand new install of 2.1 using Fantastico
    Anything I creat, gives a page not found.
    Not sure if related bug to everyone else here.

    – V

    When I activate the rich editor option, I see neither the
    the WYSIWYG nor the Code. When I uncheck it, I see the code but not rich editor. Go and figure.

    I had the same problem. I had to dive into the database and set the RT-editor value to true in the options table.

    Normal users weren’t affected, only admin.

    spammerhamster – wouldn’t Users -> Your Profile and checking the box at the top of the page (use the rich editor) have worked a bit easier?


    I think what I and others in this thread are trying to say is that checking the box in My Profile to visual editor does not work – ie. for me, it did work to make WP2.1 use the visual editor but that the editor did not actually work properly.

    I have given up and rolled back to my previous version. A couple of the new features would have been nice but I can live without them if it means actually being able to write and edit posts.

    Two killer problems for me:
    * cannot work out how to get the visual editor to work at all,
    * cannot upload images (keeps asking me to login unsuccessfully)
    * and the search pages plugin does not work with 2.1 (the alternative “searcheverything” plugin does not work with either of the two themes I have selected for 2 sites I maintain).


    I just can’t use the new version, it’s full of bugs and is unpredictable in its general behaviour. My worst problem is managing categories but after wasting almost a whole day trying to understand what’s wrong I’ve just decided to keep my old installations, abstain from upgrading until a new stabler version comes along, which I hope will be very soon.

    What I find horrible in the present situation, is the amount of cover-up moderators are showing. Maybe cover-up is too strong a word but you know what I mean. Announcing a bugs fix release wouldn’t be such a bad PR move, dear Moderators. Microsoft is no longer ashamed to admit their problems, why should WordPress?

    Dear roberttocasiraghi – Moderators have zip, zilch and nada to do with determining what goes into a release and when a release is turned loose.

    We’re here to solely to offer support. To help. (as volunteers and unpaid, I might add). We’re not here to “cover-up” or act as PR.

    And if you think mods don’t mention problems, you’ve clearly not been here long.

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