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  • Hi all,

    I was initially using WordPress’ free hosting to create a site. I have now progressed to loading WordPress on to my site.

    The downloaded WordPress differs from the hosted one in that the hosted one has a wysiwyg editor. The downloaded software does not.

    How do I get the wysiwyg editor? Also, the hosted site now gives Blog stats. Can you add that to the download version.


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  • Wysiwyg is available in the 2.0 distro, see the download link above. No stats without using a separate stats plugin.

    If you use Opera it won’t show, fortunately =P

    Yes, it’s fortunate for those who don’t want or need it – which seems to be a minority.

    It’s nice to have options. I wouldn’t ever use the wysiwyg, but I’ve been doing websites, html, js, etc. since 1992 or so. Others have not that background, so options to help them out are good.

    FYI, it works in the Opera 9.0 preview, so when the final version is out, Opera users will be able to use the WYSIWYG editor if they want to.

    I’m actually looking for a wysiwyg editor for the template itself. But when I view my WordPress 2.0.2 installed on my server, the index.php page just shows up as php image blogs, with coding attached. Is there a wysiwyg editor for the template so I can make changes to it, i.e. change colour and layout, add other bits? I was hoping to make a template look similar to my business website.

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    i would like to see this topic resolved, moderators? anyone? i also dont see the WYSIWYG editor in the downloadable full version, are we supposed to?

    please, don’t double post.
    In the downloadable “full version” the wysiwyg animal is built-in. Is javascript enabled in your browser?

    my other post is also about implementing the mudbomb plug-in, this is just for the default editor. anyway, yes, it is enabled. im using the latest version of Firefox. but i cant see it. what do i do?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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