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    I am using the Custom Content Type Manager Plugin Version, along with the latest version of WordPress i.e. Version 3.4.2. I have created a Custom Content Type and then created 5 Custom Fields. One image field and 4 WYSIWYG fields. In all of the custom fields, the default output filter is Do Shortcode (do_shortcode).

    I have created the required theme file by copying the content from the Sample Template. In the WYSIWYG field with the name download, following is the code which is saved in the template:-

    <strong>Download</strong> <?php print_custom_field('download'); ?>

    Below is another version of the code which I have tried out:-

    <strong>Download:</strong> <?php print_custom_field('download:do_shortcode'); ?>

    However when I create the page by putting text/html content in the WYSIWYG fields, they do not appear in the page.
    I have watched all the videos out there in Youtube by CCTM as well as read a lot of documentation and forums but nothing seems to solve the problem.
    Please help me in displaying the text/HTML content which is entered in the WYSIWYG editor in the website.


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  • Please help me out, I would be very thankful. I am not able to find a solution yet.

    I have had this same issue.. I can print the content out raw or with inline styling, but I cannot print out the <p> or </br> tags in the content. This makes it very difficult to use.

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    To the OP: If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re trying to make the WYSIWYG controls appear on the public-facing end of the site. That is not supported — that is not the purpose of custom fields. All custom field generation occurs inside the WP manager. If you want to customize the front-end of your site, you don’t really need a plugin to do it: you can manipulate the PHP in your template files.

    Re the p and br tags — I’ve had a lot of trouble with the do_shortcode function (see — it seems to behave differently depending on how it’s called (?), which has trainwrecked my efforts to write tests for it. Check the latest version of the plugin since some of the tickets in the bug-tracker dealt with this specifically, but again, it’s all just formatting data in the front-end, so although the CCTM attempts to assist, the output filters aren’t doing anything magic, they’re just wrapping existing WP functions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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