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    Hey this is a strange one.

    I use the WYSIWYG editor in my CSV 2 POST Pro plugin just fine. I added it to eStore also in the same way but when I submit the form the content ends up just a link with the text being this…


    The url to that link is…


    So some sort of stripping is going on but I can’t see why. It doesnt make any sense. This is me dumping $_POST[‘content’] as the first thing that is being done when processing the subsmission.

    So what is happening on submission of the WYSIWYG editor that would mess up the content of my post variable?

    Also the HTML part of the editor has a box inside it which is strange. You think its something to do with that? Its like a box inside the text area that restricts some space.

    Thanks for any help everyone this has got me stuck for about 5 hours.


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  • I should have said that the content includes an image but is being reduced to that above and the actual post created has no content at all, that shown above doesnt even end up in the content!


    Realised I was missing this…

    $_POST = stripslashes_deep($_POST);

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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