WYSIWIG hard coding full URL path to content? (1 post)

  1. dantepn
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    We're having some difficulties with our site and SSL. We have a SSL cert for the site https://xyz.com and that's fine... but the content that it's pulling is wordpress generated and that content includes items references with a non-secure http://xyz.com/blah.jpg type links. This occurs whenever we use the WYSIWIG to add an image or other media to a post/page, instead of adding a relative link like <img src="/images/blah.jp"> it inputs <img src="http://www.xyz.com/images/blah.jpg">.

    Is there any way to configure the site to not do this? Ideally all paths would be relative within posts/pages so whether we use http://xyz.com or https://xyz.com, all content references on the page are secure/non-secure as needed.


    - Steve

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