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  • rootboy03



    I just made a website with wordpress and now i styled the content on the website with like an font-family: arial and 12px; lineheight 18px.

    But the user is not getting what he see’s in the wysiwyg editor. because this editor has his own style (bigger font, different font + other line height). Can i edit this ‘editor’ so the user see’s the matching results that are on the website?

    If so how and where?

    *EDIT: I found out that u can use the editor-style.css. But when i change values in it it doesnt seem to change. I noticed this link in the html: /wp-content/themes/twentyten/editor-style.css?ver=327-1235. If i remove the ver=327-1235 it shows me the stylesheet ive been editting but with that ver=327-1235 it shows the default one. How to?

    Kind regards

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  • whiteatom


    Exact same issue.. anyone know where that version number is coming from?



    twenty ten theme does not have any ver=

    Its best to create a child theme and make changes on child theme as twenty ten theme is over written when you update.

    You can make changes in style.css in your child theme as all spacing is in style.css

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