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  1. BoSk
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi WordPressers

    I dont get this

    I set up a new WordPress installation (2.6.2).
    I made a new theme.
    Everything works like a charm. (I havent changed a single bit of code outside my theme folder).

    Bud suddenly, my advanced editor wont show up anymore. Well, not allways. All weekend, I had no problems on either my Mac or on my PC. Yesterday at work, it had disapeared in both Firefox and IE6. When I got home, I saw it briefly in Firefox on my Mac. Now, its gone again (on my Mac).

    But it still works in Firefox on my PC. But not in IE7.

    I have tjecked the "advanced editor settings"-option under my user profile.

    And I have tried to re-upload a fresh installation of WordPress.

    Could someone please tell me: Why is this editor so inconsistent.

    I have tried to Google this problem, but I cant find a solution.

    Anyone had the same experience?

    Best regards,

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