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  • Finally got around to updating Wysi-Wordpress for WordPress 2.0+ Surprisingly, it only took a few minor install changes!

    Download Wysi-Wordpress wysiwyg

    This plugin replaces the default WordPress wysiwyg(what you see is what you get) editor with a more advanced version.

    Advantages over the “built-in” WordPress editor:

    1. Built in image uploads and thumbnailing. Add images as thumbnails, full-size images, or thumbnails with a link to the full size, AND MORE!

    2. Extended emoticon support.

    3. dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia support.

    4. A few extra text effects- underline, text color, etc.

    No need to alter any of WordPress’ core files, so the plugin is easy to install and should be pretty much “upgrade-proof”.

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  • Don’t know about you, but my version of WordPress has built-in image uploads and thumbnailing without any plugins. So I’d hardly say that function was an ‘advantage’ over WP with a default install.

    Um… bad day?

    I should have worded the thumbnail thing differently… With the plugin, you can select thumbnail size on the fly. You also have the extra option to use a text only link to the image. Plus all of this is done in a popup and inserted right back into the editor window(no page scrolling/toggling), which seems more convenient to me, but YMMV…

    With the plugin, you can select thumbnail size on the fly.

    I like the sound of that.

    I knew I could win ya over 😉 You can also adjust the compression quality setting, or choose not to create a thumbnail at all(useful for small images) all on the fly.

    Of course, the credit for this stuff goes to Martin Chuplac who wrote the excellent image manager included in the plugin. It’s the best WordPress image manager I’ve seen.

    Joe, you are a star. I have been using your old version for WP 1.5 for half a year and it’s by far the best WYSI editor for WordPress I have come across. I did donate some money to you the last time and will double my donation to you for making this one work as well.
    I just upgraded to WP 2.0 and I think that editor is beyond pathetic.

    Thanks again


    Thanks AD! No donation required. The plugin is still in the “testing phase”, so just try it and report any bugs on the blog and we’ll call it even 😉

    Unfortunately I don’t have FTP access here at work but I’ll take the plugin for a spin tonight

    Thanks again!


    ok… how can i mod this so that it adds classes to the images? yeah, the align is a start, but i and several others have special classes for images, etc…

    kahil-Just added some detailed instructions for you. Check the blog comments.

    Sorry to bump my own thread- but for those who tried(and failed) when the plugin was first released, please try the newest version. I’ve worked through a ton of bugs since the first release and it should work great, even on fresh 2.0 installs now.


    Maybe I missed it in the docs, but how do I use the “more” function with your plugin? I saw on the thread on your site that you have a fix for that in beta, but no link. And in any case, is there a way to do it manually without a buttom in the meantime?



    Is there a solution for the <!–more–> function yet?

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