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  • Hey all,

    I’ve just been playing around with 2.7-beta3 and attempted to import some posts from another installation of 2.6.3 but there’s some issues when it gets to importing the tags for posts.

    All of the tags import correctly into WP but they are not assigned to any posts. When you browse the tag listing they’re all there correctly but with a tag count of zero, going into a post shows they are not associated correctly as well.

    Here’s where it gets strange, in addition to importing all the correct tags it creates a bunch of numeric tags (1, 2, 3, 4 … 341, 342, etc.) that is equal as far as I can tell to the number of legit tags that are imported. It is these numeric tags which are associated with the imported posts.

    Categories appear to import correctly and posts are assigned to the correct categories.

    This can be duplicated by taking an WXR export and importing it into 2.7-beta3 or alternative just throw up a 2.7-beta3 installation, create a post or two, then export from 2.7-beta3, create a clean install of 2.7-beta3 and import the WXR file you just imported. It will import with the strange tag issues.

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  • same issue here:
    had a huge problem with a 2.6.3 blog, and as 2.7 beta2 was running nicely on another blog, I set the problematic blog up with q.7 beta3 and imported the other exported blog. Now tags are borked like the other person above explained already.

    any suggestions on how to proceed? wait until final appears and reimport?

    My only suggestion is if you’re happy with beta2 and were running that without issues then grab beta2 again and run with that until the next release or fix comes along.

    Keep an eye on the trac ticket so you know when a fix has been found and comitted to trunk, then you can download the latest nightly build.

    hmm… what I mean is, can this problem be fixed, now after I made my import, or do I have to delete everything and reimport?

    I wouldn’t know, sorry! 🙁

    I’d imagine some sort of script would have to be run over the installation to fix the issues but since it’s just a beta and not a production issue I don’t think anyone will bother making one.

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