WXR export / import creation from command line (2 posts)

  1. thefatguy
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've got an extremely large database (60MB when exported as SQL.) I'm trying to fix a base64_decode type of hack, and the recommended way to do that is to import a WXR file into a brand-new database. Probably needs to be done anyway, as the old one has SOOOO many old plugins and options etc and a fresh start is never a bad idea...as long as we have the content.

    My WXR export is stopping at 16MB file size, which is a year and a half too early. If I could run this in an SSH session, and write directly to my home directory, I feel sure it will run without making a lot of modifications to the server that I will need to undo later. Obviously, I'd like to do the reverse (import) to the new database from the command line to.

    Has anyone ever tried this or done this? Any helpful tips? I'm not an expert but I can generally find my way around things, and I take a lot of backups (since I'm not an expert.)

  2. Luke Gedeon
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Wow if I could get 16MB I would be done. I get a different file-size with each export - from 500k to 7.1MB

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