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  • For some reason, my entries do not show up if a visitor reaches my site via but everything’s fine & dandy when they access What is the problem? I searched the forums and tried the .htaccess thing to no avail — instead, I received 403 errors everywhere I went on my site. Perhaps I did it wrong, I don’t know. I also tried deleting any cookies associated with my domain.

    Any other suggestions? :/

    — Allie

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  • I just tried both links and both worked. Is it the same visitor having the problem?

    That’s weird! I know of at least two visitors who have this problem. When I asked another, she said it worked. I thought it might be because she’s on IE (I, along with the two aforementioned visitors, use Firefox), so I fired up my own IE… but no. It still says Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.


    — Allie

    Just tried ie and it works, try deleting the cookies in ie …..

    When I try to access I get: domain could not be found.
    This could be the way your host has your DNS setup. I had to add extra DNS entry for “www.” with my hosting company.

    OK, that’s not supposed to be happening. Strange. I’m not getting such an error…

    I deleted all cookies this time (not just the ones related to and now the entries show up.

    So, thanks, exposure:)

    — Allie

    it works in both ie and firefox for me.. 🙂

    this is usually a server issue though not a browser one.. so if you continue to have problems try contacting your host provider.

    No worries

    ; )


    Actually, it looks like there might have been a problem in the DNS zone file for your domain. But while I was doing some checking it appeared to be corrected. The inconsistent behavior of being able to connect or not, was probably due to information either existing or not in people’s nameserver caches.

    Regardless, it looks like the problem has been solved, more than likely by your hosting provider, so things _should_ be fine now.

    yep, same here both work for me now. obviously it was a temporary nameserver problem.

    OK, thanks, guys :D

    — Allie

    I don’t know if you’re interested in something like this, but I redirect all of my traffic to If you try a URL with the www, it takes it off.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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