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www.craigonomics.com works, craigonomics.com doesnt

  • Hi Guys, I’m sure this is an easy one, but I can’t seem to get it.

    http://www.craigonomics.com works just fine.(alaised domain hosted at http://www.wesbos.com/craigonomics)

    craigonomics.com does not work. gives me the error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/w/e/s/wesbos/html/craigonomics/index.php:2) in /home/content/w/e/s/wesbos/html/craigonomics/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 770

    Any idea?

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  • check Setting -> Reading ->Encoding for pages and feeds->UTF-8 if not UTF-8 , replace it.

    Go to http://www.sitepoint.com
    This Forum is not very helpful for the beginner.
    Because I am beginner too.
    i asked one question.it has been a long time..nobody ans..:(



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    What is in your index.php?

    My encoding is already UTF-8

    My Index.php is exactly the same as it came.

    * Front to the WordPress application. This file doesn’t do anything, but loads
    * wp-blog-header.php which does and tells WordPress to load the theme.
    * @package WordPress

    * Tells WordPress to load the WordPress theme and output it.
    * @var bool
    define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

    /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */



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    That is an odd one. What sort of redirection is it using to point the non-www address?

    I would check my wp-config for blank lines, spaces or null characters at the start and also at the end of the file. Before the <? and after ?>

    Make sure you FTP your file over to your computer in ASCII and edit it in a text editor like notepad, editpad, etc..

    i’ve checked the wp-config and everyting looks fine. I am uploading fine as well…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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