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  • I like it..

    Is that errrrhhhhh *you* ? 🙂

    I used to drive a ’74 260Z (stock carb’s replaced with dual Webber’s, Centerline rims, low profile Toyo Z radials, metallic rootbeer brown), until it got stolen… 🙁
    (nice site)

    I like this, I think I’m going to steal the positioning layout part and reformat it to fit my own design/site ( At least yours works perfectly in IE.

    Well I just hope that you & Robert are very happy together.

    Niiicce! I really love that daisy in the background. Great job.

    Uh, the first skin I had up at this WordPress blog was Charlize Theron! Now what GUY in North American (or South Africa for that matter, where she’s from) doesn’t know THAT?!
    I decided to go with the daisy for now, to integrate it with my main site. I’ll worry about skinning later on down the road. Thanks for the kind wishes about Robert. He comes home from rehab next week. Woot!

    Heck. Even an ol fella like me knows Charlize when he sees her. And I am not even (gasp) American. Glad u liked my bon mot. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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