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    I wanted to thank you for a great plugin. I however have noticed something one of you other uses did. Though i have a little more elaboration on the matter.

    When i create a multisite network install. The first site always is installed as, I have to manually go into db to allow the main site to use www. Now this causes no problem, it is just a quirk of WordPress that i have to do this. All new sites i create have different subdomains when i create them manually. It is the NS Cloner that looks at the hard value of the main blog www. and then creates a new clone as

    This is a quite common scenario, which in my example is implemented at least on 25 networks we operate. Your plugin, whilst useful, does not have any manual overide options or checkbox to remove the www in these instances.

    Would you consider resolving this as part of the paid for plugin perhaps. If you were then i can imagine it being used a lot more in projects by my company at least, though this problem can not be unique to us in any way.

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    Thank you very much for the question / feedback. We will look into something like this and post here when there is an update.

    Can someone please answer this. I’ve been using NS Cloner for quite some time on multiple sites and I am now encountering this problem on a new site. Help!!!

    Yes, i haven’t had any more advice on the subject. I still would love to buy a premium version that could handle this. Alternatively i am a few weeks away from just forking this and just fixing the issue myself.

    Perhaps the kind chaps making this plugin can offer some more advice on the subject?

    At the moment, we have to clone the site, which obviously breaks it. We can make a htacces using mod rewrite to correct the bad urls, or we have to go into the db and replace all instances of this wwww. prefix to domains. Both involve pratting about like a lemom on the subject.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Love the humor too! Here’s where this is currently at after looking at this again recently (though we’re happy to listen to alternative ideas). Since WordPress specifically recommends against this type of multisite configuration on the initial network setup page (click for image example), we aren’t currently able to put any time on building a work-around specifically for this.

    However, for networks already configured this way, the pro version can still reduce this to a normal clone + 1-additional-step process per site (manually updating the domain field in the wp_blogs table) while automatically handling all search and replacements on the new cloned site from “” > “”. You can contact us directly if you would like more specifics on how that would work and we’d be happy to describe in detail.


    I personally think it’s fair to charge for such an useful plugins that save us webadmin lot of time like NC-Cloner plugins. But I think it’s wrong for the plugins to create a new site using subdomain to like It should be set to If you look into many hosting services. This is how it’s been done by removing the www automatically.


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    Thank you for the feedback!

    same problem, however the sites are not accessible.

    NS Cloner creates but going there returns page not found. Removing the .www doesn’t work either

    I’ve also tried adding these lines to wp-config.php but it doesn’t seem to help:


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    We just released a new version that now handles this scenario and adds a TON of new improvements as well. Enjoy! And please let us know any feedback.

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