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  • Hi, I successfully installed multisite for WP3 with directories. Now I added a 2nd site but only the non-www version ( resolves correctly, where the version resolves to the network website. I need both to resolve to the same website, and then I need to create a rewrite rule to redirect the non-www to the www.

    My setup:

    – A-Records for * and are pointing to the server’s IP hosted at I am using a separate DNS.

    – In my cPanel, I used AddOnDomains for, pointing to the multisite network root

    – In wp-admin, I added the domain as “”. If I add it as, then the www version works but the non-www version resolves elsewhere.


    Any hint?

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  • Don’t use a second site for the non-www address. that should all be handled server-side.

    WordPress only needs to know about one of them. Use the server & htaccess to handle everything else.

    How, in htaccess? What is the code to enter into htaccess to make all non-www go to www for all domains on the multisite?

    If you map domains without the www, they should also redirect the non-www to the same place.

    If you map them with the www, the non-www goes nowhere.

    Andrea, I see this is a common problem. Can you explain in more details what we can do?

    I mapped one domain without the www and a second with www. In the first case I can not open/access the www-domain and in the second I can not open/access the domain without www. Is this a server-side problem?



    I also am having this problem where I’d like everything to include the www but when you enter it in without the www in your browser it does to registration and does not redirect.

    Please help!

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    benfranklin – Make a new topic and detail how you’ve currently set up the site.

    Did you build it as www or non-www?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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