• I see the following error in my subsite debug bar:
    How can I fix it?

    SELECT wwpp_posts.*,
    FROM wwpp_193_prli_clicks AS cl
    WHERE cl.link_id = li.id

    ) as clicks
    FROM wwpp_posts JOIN wwpp_prli_links AS li ON wwpp_posts.ID = li.link_cpt_id WHERE 1=1 AND wwpp_posts.post_type = ‘****_custom_video’ AND ((wwpp_posts.post_status = ‘publish’)) ORDER BY wwpp_posts.post_date DESC
    Table ‘***_*****_host.wwpp_prli_links’ doesn’t exist

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  • Plugin Author cartpauj


    If you have access to your database (if not ask your webhost to do this for you).

    Go to the wwpp_options table and search for the prli_db_version row. Set it to 1 and save.

    Then refresh your /wp-admin/ dashboard and it should create the proper database tables.

    Host support checked my database. I reinstalled the Pretty Plugin from WordPress. Still, the issue. Furthermore, was I informed that the “prli_db_version” row doesn’t exist in my “wwpp_options” table. How can this issue be solved?

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    See if you webhost can check your mysql error logs. There might be some kind of error happening when the tables are trying to be generated. An error would cause the prli_db_version to not be set.

    I’ve examined the mysql logs but did not get any error message and moreso related to the wwpp_posts table. Also, there’s no row in the table with prli_db_version. Basically on the hosting side, there’s no error message related to the plugin.
    After checking, it further, I see a plugin conflict. I’ll inform the other plugin developer.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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