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    I am the proud owner of a wordpress powered, WuhWuh!! modified blog at Carthik.Net. It has all the tweaks and hacks one could think of, and that means less customization work for me. Check out WuhWuh, a flavor of WP put together by Mark.

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  • Anonymous

    You have got v unattractive url overflow in the RH nav. Sorry.



    his point was to show a readymade highly hacked wp edition and that’s a real cool idea! 🙂


    Yup. Just saw the first url. Seemed cool. Thought it was a FOUC for a minute!



    Some updates and bugfixes have been added to the download/install zip file. Please re-download (from the site) if you were having problems.



    Hey, I’m still seeing it non-styled in Firefox. I think you need to correct your CSS line (like Sushubh said):
    @import url( );
    should be:
    @import url( );



    The problem is that the style switcher takes each directory in the wp-styles directory and lists that as an option. Now the first directory in that directory is “..” which, on unix systems, is the parent directory.
    So when it lists the directories (which are also the names of the styles), by default the .. directory or style is chosen.
    This can be fixed by choosing a suitable style to view the page with.
    The style sheet url should be<some-style-name/style.css ….
    That I realised earlier.



    I think WuhWuh is marvellous with all its built-in hacks. Less time you spend adding hacks and plugins!!
    I fixed the small style problem, and am all set now, for more traffic.
    So come all ye!!
    Wuh Wuh!! lives here

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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