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  • This is atrocious and everyone should be fired, IMHO.

    I don’t see the number list button.

    When I paste a numbered list into Gutenberg it puts each line in a new block.

    When I copy multiple paragraphs, it puts each paragraph in a new block making it harder to copy/paste, etc.

    etc.. etc… etc..

    It seems to me the folks at WP just wanted to release something just so they could. This is horrible and would not be tolerated by most companies I have worked for.

    The reason the classic editor was so great is because it was just like using Word or Writer. This is a classic case of a company overthinking itself.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Each paragraph should be its own block, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to put things like images between them.

    If you’re making a list, there is a List Block for just that purpose, and you can use either numbered or bulleted lists with it. Just type /list at the start to bring up the quick block selector.

    Pasting lists should work, generally speaking, but that would depend on what exactly you’re pasting in. It’s relatively smart about it though.

    Maybe in your world they should be separate blocks but for ease-of-use sake they should not.

    you’re missing the entire point of what I’m saying. I do not want blocks 4 day today post. If I want to use a block editor than give me that option.

    you guys are completely overthinking and overcomplicating things unnecessarily.

    There currently exists two ways to pour text into a block. One is to use a classic block, the other is to use a code block. It makes this possible.

         C                 Csus4
    When rain has hung the leaves with tears 
      C                Csus4
    I want you near to kill my fears
       C             F      G7      C       G7
    To help me leave all my blues behind

    The difference is the classic block allows this:

         C                 Csus4
    When rain has hung the leaves with tears 
      C                Csus4
    I want you near to <strong>kill my fears</strong>
       C             F      G7      C       G7
    To help me leave all my blues behind

    Thank you for the response but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t what C G7 etc. are. I’ve been in IT for nearly twenty years and literally have no idea what you’re talking about

    This kind of Prove my point though. Copying pasting the stuff has been standard in word processors for like 30 years. Why go backwards?

    Many people I work with are administrative assistants types. They’re not going to want to have to deal with this.

    There is no need for anybody else to respond to his or give me a solution. I just want the developers to know that this guy thinks Gutenberg is ridiculous.

    That is a musical score snippet with chords (G7, Csus4) placed above the verses where the chord changes occur. In Gutenberg each line would be a block, destroying the usefulness of it. In a Gutenberg code block word formatting is not possible. In a classic block the structure is maintained and inline images, text formatting, etc. are allowed. Each line does not become a useless block.

    Thanks for the response but the average person doesn’t have time for this.

    Personally, I also do not want to go through a bunch of if-then scenarios to write a simple blog post.

    This is a typical example of trying to fix something that is not broken.

    A block editor it’s good for what it’s good for but it should be a completely separate thing. It should not replace the standard classic editor.

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    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @dpevents If you want multiple lines in a block without starting a new paragraph, SHIFT+ENTER will start a new line.

    @ryania You’re welcome to your opinion and can use the Classic Editor if you like. The block editor is a step forward in the views of many people, and we tend to prefer it.

    I’m aware of that.

    Based on the messages I’m seeing here and the rating of the plug-in, I think you are out of touch if you feel it is going over well for the most part.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I’m a big fan of the new editor, and I think it’s going much better than expected. The bugfixes in 5.0.2 have worked quite well, and we’re getting new plugins with blocks being added daily. We’re up to 150 such plugins already.

    The block editor is cool and useful and a much better way to write content for webpages than using the old Classic Editor. Just my 2 cents.

    To each their own. It seems to me WordPress developers think all of us people complaining just don’t get it. It’s like if we just gave it time we will understand better. I don’t like that.

    but whatever. WordPress is great in so many other ways. As long as the classic editor sticks around, I have nothing to complain about.

    Thank you Otto – I frequently separate lines using shift+enter – the point I failed to make is it is possible to paste a page of paragraphed text into the classic block and have it look like the original and without individual blocks for each paragraph. Sometimes it is just not useful to separate text flows into paragraph blocks. This is especially useful when lines have positionally related content (mono-spaced text) as is the case for music tablature, but also works when you wish to preserve multimedia content.

    This new editor is a load of crap, only suited for today’s idiot “influencer” generation, stupidified below instagram and to the level that I was instantly googling for revert to the classic editor, and found the plugin. This is the first time, since 2006, that I considered giving the finger to wordpress, the first time in years I felt betrayed by wp. After twelve years of using wp, learning from wp’s code, tailoring it and being happy with it.

    WhyTF innovate where innovation is not needed?

    And this is what woke me up, now I don’t need my morning coffee.


    I agree and it’s very bothersome that the developer seemed indifferent to all of the comments.

    I still have no idea how to paste multiple paragraphs into a single block or make a numbered list without the block being a numbered block. This is insanity. can you imagine having to create a separate block in Microsoft work or open Office just to create a numbered list?

    I can’t imagine the dozens of things I would come up with if I used it longer than 30 minutes. Once I saw I could not do these two things I gave up right then.

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    @ryania Honestly, I cannot imagine typing in whatever-office and pasting into wp, bacause I have not used office applications for ages. Back when I was a radio person, I developed my own text editor (built on tinyMCE, which, btw was in wp) with an embedded dictionary and a news crawler and reading estimator and so on (it was included but not dependent in my wordpress deployment). I then developed, on top of that dictionary, a “dictionary” of deep sky objects, used on my amateur astronomy wordpress site, so when I type NGC 5194sss and tadam, Whirlpool Galaxy. Or I type multumescqqq (notice the qqq) and tadam, thank you in Hungarian. Or I type axx and tadam, ă, or sxx and tadam ș and so on. And some smart asses from the f-a-g generation who grew up reaading no books thought no, something that’s been working for ages is no-good any more, for it does not look like instagram, so let’s make it look like instagram, let’s make it portrait, let’s dumb it down to the level words dumb down to being saliva. Eff that sh.t, eff that innovation without the need of innovation.

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