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    I literally see all my opening divs, such as:

    <div class=”no-col”>

    changed to

    <p class=”no-col”>  </p>

    This is TOTALLY unacceptable!

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  • <h3 class=”copyhead1″>Boards of The Foundations of East Chicago</h3>
    <p class=”two-col”>
    <p class=”noborder”>
    <h3>The East Chicago Community
    Development Foundation</h3>

      [list items removed for brevity]

    <p class=”noborder”>
    <h3>The Twin City Education Foundation</h3>

      [list items removed for brevity]

    <p class=”two-col”><!–LEFT COLUMN–>

    <p class=”col”>`

    it pretty much is stripping out the ending </p> tags and changing <div> to <p> AND removing the ending tags (for the div and not replacing with ending p tag!)

    THAT’S JUST WRONG and whomever made this new “feature” really had his/her head up their ass.

    I can’t believe my hosting company forced me to use this version!

    When you logged the bug at did you check to see if anyone else had already logged it first?

    it may be FREE software, but it is still software that should be tested before making public! Did no one think to see how divs and paragraphs were being altered in that nifty new code window for pages (and posts)??

    basic beta testing would have been *A GOOD THING*

    sorry to be irritated but I AM>

    I didn’t log it there or anywhere. I am just surprised to see that major hosting companies are using this version (no choice) and that no one seems to be worried about it.

    I know my markup and I can SEE this corruption occurring every time.

    You don’t want to have it fixed? Foaming in the forums won’t make anything better.

    If you’ve found a legitimate and reproducible bug, I’d suggest checking trac and logging it if it isn’t there already.

    Granted, foaming feels good and all… but it doesn’t fix anything.

    I don’t know how to post the bug there. It IS reproducible time after time. Have you TRIED it?

    THAt said, I just unchecked that box and … thank you jesus… the editor is back to normal.

    AND the post window lines function is working (another option).

    New features should be thoroughly tested before unleashing on the unsuspecting public.

    i had the same problem. it is a config change in the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. i followed the below link for a fix and it works great:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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