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    what have you done, your new version is bad. bring back old wordpress omg. not happy

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  • @traveln If you want to the old editor, you can install https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/ Plugin.

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    I see you’re not happy with the new version of WordPress. I am going to ask that you please use your words, and avoid from using inappropriate language here on the forums 🙂

    Now, what problems are you encountering in WordPress 5.0?

    No, his words are exactly appropriate for this heinous update.

    You guys decided unilaterally to fundamentally change WP into some sort of abomination of Wix or whatever UI it is you’re after. I’ve complained about it before and pretty much been told to ‘stuff it’ by WP. Your snark to us users is noted and not appreciated. If you don’t want to deal with the backlash, perhaps vet your changes more carefully. Or make them OPTIONS.

    This update is a terrible idea and at the worst possible time. It’s the holidays! WE ARE BUSY. No one has time to troubleshoot your crazy update.

    I’ve got about a dozen sites, with various themes that are likely to be destroyed by this horror show. AND I’m opening a business right now, so I don’t have the time to do your beta testing and/or fix a dozen broken sites.

    YOU GUYS have made a mistake. Own it and make this Gutenberg nonsense an OPTION to the core WP install. The 10 people who think it’s awesome are likely working in YOUR office. MAKE IT AN OPTION.

    The rest of us just want a CMS that works and we know how to use. 5.0 is NOT that. If we wanted WIX, we’d be using it. We don’t have time to RELEARN a system. We just want to get our work done. You are not accomplishing that. This is essentially a complete platform change. And it’s ill advised.

    Frankly, you deserve every bit of push back you’re getting. So suck it up, buttercups. Don’t get mean with us users for something that YOU did. We have every right to complain when something that we RELY on is being trashed. Think about that before you get snarky with your users.


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    @misangela I understand that you are frustrated, but I need to make something VERY clear here, those that are helping out on the support forums are all volunteers, none of them are paid, and the backlash which you say they deserve is a horrible way to talk about another human being. They did not make any of the decisions, they are merely trying to make the transition as painless as possible for you, the users.

    As for making it optional, we have provided a way to opt-out of using the new editing experience, by using the Classic Editor plugin, which reverts the editing page to what it previously looked like.

    Not you personally, you as in WP as a whole.

    WP made these decisions. WP made a mistake.

    The classic editor will work…for now… Then what?

    We see the end is coming and it’s really upsetting to know that every single site I’ve got will have to be ended and restarted.

    Unless WP decides to walk this back and continue with Classic and offer 5.0 as an optional upgrade, all of us are pretty much doomed.

    This is not about YOU, it’s about WP and the way it treats its users.

    It only takes a minute or two of browsing this forum and a bit of Google search to see that this new version is clearly not appreciated anywhere by anyone other than maybe new WP users that don’t know any better.

    chris atack


    The new WordPress is horrible. I totally agree with the commments here. Make the “new” version an option and the classic version the default. I can’t believe what a step backwards this is. I notice BTW that over 1 million “revert to classic” plugins have been downloaded already.



    WP does not care what any of us think. As they have said several times, if we wanted to have a say we need to be a part of the dev team. >:(

    We shall see.

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    @misangela remarks like that do not really progress any healthy conversations.

    These are support forums, and this thread is very much not about support, as such I am closing it now to prevent any more third party interactions.

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