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  • Hello everybody,
    due to the fact that WP doesn’t allow the creation multiple blogs (one for every user) I had to investigate and look for a solution. Instead of switching to a new blog I decide I’d user the WordPress Multi-Blog Hack available at ( – which seemed the best among the available hacks.
    The author of this hack, however, doesn’t seem to be present at all, or even care about supporting this hack so my first question is:

    – are there any other users of this hack here? If yes would you be interested in creating a support forum for it? Would this site ( let us create a sub-category in their forums (I ask the administrators…)…

    Becase I am having some issues with this hack I will ask the next two questions:

    – Has any user of this hack experienced a totally white page for no apparent reasons when multiple users are logged in or in other cases? Is there any fix?

    – Because I need to resolve this issue asap I am willing to pay a reasonable fee if some programmer out there is willing to help me out on this.

    Please contact me asap. forums a_t marcurselli d_o_t com or message me thorugh this board.


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  • wow… nobody read this? or nobody cares? nobody even wants to make money? seems hard to believe…

    I am aware of MU’s existence, but I understand:
    – it isn’t supported
    – it’s hard to install
    – it doesn’t run if you don’t have smarty on your server (which I don’t know if my server has – can I install it myself?)

    I know WP will sooner or later HAVE TO listen to its user base and give them the so often requested multi-user blogging feature that EVERY OTHER weblog system offers already, but the question is why. I need to finish a project asap and I had installed and integrated WP with the rest of this production site I need to launch asap so I can’t wait around.

    Is there anybody here that would wanna help me (YES, I WILL PAY a reasonable fee) to either make the WSWANG multi=blog hack work OR that will instapp WPmu for me on my server?

    Please let me know

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    WPMU is fully supported:

    As for other multi-blog “hacks”, there are plenty to choose from:

    Well, doesn’t look like the one you’re trying to use is supported either. So maybe wpmu is at least as good an option…. There IS a bbpress set up for wpmu (, which is more than you’re getting with WSWANG, right?

    I have no idea how to work on that sort of thing. Sorry.

    Thanks for the answer. I will look further into WPmu, if anybody was able to get WSWANG’s hack working or would like to get a crack at making mine work for some money please contact me asap.



    After trying WPMU I can say that, as of Oct 24th, 2005, the latest unstable release of WPMU (no stable release avaialble as of today) is very sketchy and buggy and un-usable without intervention on the database. I was able to successfully install it and try it but there is a mess with paths in the database, and unless fixed it won’t work…

    This said, in a an attempt to give back to this community, I wanted to post my findings about WSWANG’s Multi-Blog Hack for WordPress (no update for 1.5.2 available yet). This hack workes WAY better than WPMU and I found why I was getting that blank page.

    Basically it is advisable that your theme be in a folder called default and replaces the default theme because if you name it with your own name (and you don’t have a default theme folder in the themes folder) you’ll get a blank page whenever you attempt to access the generic wordpress root url (because it can’t find a default theme). it will see your theme anytime you access a blog with the author_name variable defined in the url, however.

    hope this helps

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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