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  • Has anyone yet solved the WSOD problem?

    I have done a clean install on a brand new URL root and all I can come up with is the WSOD. No Admin screen, nothing… and this is a fresh clean install to a brand new URL and database!

    I’ve tried everything.. including having Install4Free do the installation.. and always the same results – WSOD.

    Help, suggestions, ideas??

    Thanks all

    Tom (

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  • Can you tell us some information about your host and server?

    Use the script at Finding_Server_Info

    I, too, am getting the white screen of death (WSOD), but only if I use the [more] tag on a blog post. Actually, the WSOD does display the main logo only at the top.

    I was able to get the .php item to work, not in my root directory, but in the wordpress directory if that helps the previous guy. My host and server info:

    PHP Version 5.0.5
    System SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-47 sun4u
    Build Date Jul 5 2007 11:41:35
    Server API CGI
    Apache info not found other than a reference to it having “Apache Software”.
    MySQL Client API version 3.23.54

    Personally, I wonder if my muckin’ with my template so much has anything to do with it. [Paranoia will destroya!]
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Moderator kmessinger


    tfmurphhk You cannot have index.html and index.php in the same directory.

    veggieval You have several html errors but the one that is causing your maim problem is the google banner code. Take it out and you can see the blog so start with that.

    Thanks for the tip. I thought I had all of those pesky google-ad tags removed from the theme. I took out the remaining ones and suspect that my issue is on the “Single Post” php page in my template. I can see the source code fine in my browser, but nothing but the banner displays visually. I’m tempted to ditch this gorgeous theme and start over elsewhere. I’ll muddle through it with my limited (think: null) knowledge of html unless someone sees another obvious item to try. Any suggestions welcome.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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