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  • To start, my blog is at

    About 4 days ago I found myself unable to upload any photos, add categories, or update plug-ins. I also would randomly get a “server hangup” error when updating any pages or posts, though the update would go through.

    The following day I could edit categories, but was unable to upload photos still and other pages were giving a “server hangup” response.

    The day after i was unable to log into my admin panel and received a “no data received” error.

    Yesterday I woke up to the white screen of death.

    Prior to all of this I had not made any recent changes and was not working on anything on my blog. After the server hangup issues started I began to make sure everything was up to date. I tried to update a few plug ins, although I’m not sure if the updates when through.

    Since the problems started I have:
    1. Unintalled all plugins
    2. Renamed my theme file (theme never reverted to 2012)
    3. Replace wp-admin and wp-includes to brand new installation files
    4. Turned on error logs via wp-config

    I’ve run out of tutorials to follow to try and fix this issue and I’m lost as to what to do next.

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  • The fact that there has been a gradual deterioration on the site suggests that there’s a server issue going on here. Have you spoken to your hosts about it?

    I have spoken to my host 3 times now. The first time they recommended uninstalling a website accelerator. The 2nd time they said they couldn’t help me.
    I just called again and the consensus was that I either needed to completely reinstall wordpress or perhaps when I updated to 3.5.2 that it didn’t complete.

    I managed to upgrade to 3.5.2 from my hosting panel, which didn’t help.

    I’ve also realized that I cannot access any of my other wordpress installations. They’re all hosted together but separate installations and domains.

    Whatever this is, I seriously doubt that it’s a WordPress issue. I think you need to consider switching hosts.

    First i will suggest you to Clean your cache and browser cookies by

    – Click Google Chrome Menu on the right corner of browser window
    – Select Tools from Menu list
    – Select Clear Browsing Data
    – You will see a dialogue box, check all boxes
    – Select Beginning of Time
    – Click Clear Browsing Data button
    If this solution is helpless then I have found a presentation tutorial that will resolve your problem.

    solution for error 324

    Best of luck

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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