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    So my entire site has a white screen of death. It happened shortly after I edited these files: kingsize/template-blog.php, kingsize/archive.php and wp-incudes/author-template.php.
    When I duplicated archive.php and renamed the copy author.php I got the white screen.

    I have tried the following without any results:
    – deleting the freshly made author.php-file
    – moving kingsize theme folder out of themes-folder (only twentyeleven left in themes)
    – renaming kingsize-folder (both while inside and outside themes-folder)
    – renaming plugins-folder (disabling all plugins)
    – wp-config: defining wp-memory-limit to 64M, 96M and 128M
    – wp-config: setting wp-debug to ‘false’
    – overwrite everything except /wp-content from a fresh wordpress-download

    I haven’t touched functions.php, as I figured that space errors between tags couldn’t be the issue when disabling the theme didn’t help.

    I’ve done quite a few changes in my theme, especially CSS-wise (using Appearance -> Edit CSS), so it would really suck to have to completely re-install and lose it all. I don’t have any backups of this work.

    Pretty please, help!

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  • So my entire site has a white screen of death. It happened shortly after I edited these files: kingsize/template-blog.php, kingsize/archive.php and wp-incudes/author-template.php.

    So… what you will want to do is make sure you download a fresh copy of your theme.

    Once obtained.. open it up and grab the fresh copies of those two files. These two files, “kingsize/template-blog.php, kingsize/archive.php”.

    The third file, will need to come from a fresh download of WordPress. From there, you will want to get a fresh copy of “wp-incudes/author-template.php”.

    Now… use either FTP or your hosts CPanel to upload these three files to there corresponding locations.

    Then… try to open your site.

    Basically, what you are doing is “un-doing” your changes.

    Lastly… this is a primary reason why we never edit core files 😉 Always use a child theme!

    Lemme know if you have any questions.

    Tried your suggestion, and it didn’t work. Thank you for your response though!

    Are you using FTP or Cpanel?

    Have you tried deleting your entire “kingsize” theme directory.. and replacing it with a fresh copy?

    Are you sure the “wp-incudes/author-template.php” is the ONLY core WP file you edited?

    I’m using FTP.

    I’m pretty sure author-template.php is the only core file I edited. But even if I did touch anything else, it was overwritten when I replaced all files except wp-content as mentioned.

    I’m starting to think this problem is caused by something else than php-errors as I’ve tried pretty much everything mentioned around the forums without getting the slightest change. Any thoughts on why Chrome reports a HTTP error 500, maybe?

    Hey Josh not trying to hijack your thread, but solveigm have you checked your server error logs? 500 is a generic error code but the logs should give you a more specific example. I’ve seen servers be unhappy about directories being writeable by group and returning a 500 error unless you have permissions at 644. But it could be a lot of things.

    I’ve tried finding log-files, but with limited luck. There are no logs in the root folder of my domain, so where (and how) do I find the relevant ones?

    Did give you some kind of management panel? cPanel maybe? The error logs should be easy to find there. It depends on the server software where the logs could be, i.e. is it linux running apache or windows running iis, etc etc.

    Are you running on a shared hosting solution or did you get your own server?

    I did find some www-logs when I logged into my mgmt panel at, but they didn’t appear to contain any logs for todays date:

    So I ended up backing up my SQL-database and reinstalling the whole thing. Fortunately my CSS-changes were stored in the database, so the amount of extra work was kept to a minimum.

    Thanks for your suggestions, guys!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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