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  • After doing some admin and attempting a backup of the site yesterday, I went to my website ( this morning and had a look at the blog ( but found a different blog (PanAsianBiz, which is bascially empty) on my space. My blog (China Business Blog, which was formatted to match the rest of the website) has gone. I am not sure if someone has hijacked the site, or if the wrong WP site is showing. Any ideas on what happened and how to fix (and recover)it would be much appreciated. Yours, Jeremy

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  • You might first try contacting your host and see if they had any MySQL problems (or server issues in general) over the past day or so.

    I doubt someone ‘hijacked’ your blog (which is really all that appears to be affected). It’s certainly possible, but it’s an unusual way to go about it.

    Thanks, I will check with them after the bank holiday. In the meantime is there any way I can access the new blog – I don’t have a user name or password that works! Can I just delete the whole blog from my domain control panel, and then restore the old blog from backup files? Apologies, but I am new to this…and have a lot of confused visitors.

    If you’re comfortable with importing MySQL backup files, then sure, go ahead. It’s not like you can screw up what’s already there. :)

    thanks. i am not very technical, but will seek support on that issue. I have suspended the whole site for now (as the guy has started posting on it). Some people!

    thanks. all sorted now. seems the blog seetings got wiped out during a backup, and someone was therefore able to get access.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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