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  • If ur first transport method fee is more than 0, then cart widget in the header shows not just the sum of items but sum of item plus transport cost. (in the cart widges spawn the values are correct).

    Eg. customer adds 5usd item, but the cart shows 13 USD … (when first transport method has 8 usd fee).

    Customer then thinks we add some special fees.

    best reg and thank u

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  • Hello,

    Can you share your site link so that I can check it? I didn’t understand the issue clearly. The cart should display the total amount, correct?

    thx its

    Cart should display the total amount only (without transport cost)

    thank u

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    Try to switch the theme temporarily to Storefront and check the menu cart works properly or not there. I don’t think it is a theme related issue.
    You can also customize the menu cart by using the OceanWP child theme.
    1. Install and activate the child theme.
    2. Copy the oceanwp > woocommerce > cart folder following the same path into the child theme.
    3. Open the copied file and edit it as per your need.

    thx again
    i actually tried Storefront and there it works ok (original and child).
    Ocean WP (original and child) does not do the right sum.

    I will describe more the bug position.

    I its when u adjust the ocean WP via standard WP “adjust appearence settings”.

    Then in Ocean WP improved interface is:
    setting – woocommerce – menu cart:
    Display: Icon and Cart Count + Total

    When u choose this option, the widget car sum also shows up – and this sum is not the items sum only, but wrongly includes the shipment fee.

    Is the erron only by me or its WP Ocean error? Storefront is ok by me…


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    Thank you for the detail. I’ll try to replicate this issue on my end to check it. Can you please tell me the steps to replicate it?

    Hello Amit
    thx again

    To emulate it, u need to add to ur demos paid shipping as ur first shipping method (u have free shipping with ur demos so u can not observe the bug).

    when i have time i will try to check the PHP Ocean theme code
    There should be something like “sum cart totals” only (instead actual “sum cart totals including sum shipping”).

    thank u

    Hello Vlada,

    Thank you very much. I’ll try to replicate it.

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