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    Hi, guys,

    I keep getting emailed your weekly report: “Word fence activity for August 2, 2022 on xxx.com” for my website.

    This says I have to update WordPress: “A new version of WordPress (v6.0.1) is available.” But I already have 6.0.1.

    Is there a bug in your system? Or does this report refer to a staging site I created in the past?

    Could you please help me fix this issue?

    I keep receiving this every week and it’s very strange. I’d like to have a correct and updated weekly report.

    Let me know,

    Thanks in advance,
    Have a wonderful day!

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    Hi @bedspax, thanks for getting in touch!

    There is a chance that the alert is coming from a staging site if your alerts email address is set to the same one as your live site. If WordPress and its plugins aren’t being updated automatically there, this could repeatedly flag. You could uncheck everything in the Wordfence > All Options > Email Alert Preferences of the staging site as a possible solution. It would also have the same effect to disable Wordfence scheduled scans in Wordfence > All Options > Scan Options > Scan Scheduling for the staging site.

    If you still receive the alerts, it might also be worth restarting the email software on the current live server (postfix or sendmail, whichever is installed) to potentially clear out any failed emails from being stored and re-sent by mistake. The server admin or your hosting provider may need to help with this.



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    Hi Peter,

    Where might the problem lie?


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