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    Hi support team of that great plugin,

    unfortunatly one of the customers in my woocommerce shop gave me a 1-star rating accidently. It was the first review for this product. After that, my customer changed the rating from one star to five stars. But the total rating didn’t change form one star to five stars.

    After this event another 4 customers gave 5 stars to the same product. Now I have 5 reviews with 5 stars each, but the total rating of the product still remains at one star only.

    Would you give me a hint how to fix it? I am running a multilanguage shop with WPML. Maybe customer-reviews doesn’t work together properly together with the WPML-plugin in this special case.

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    Hi @bananamix,

    I do remember the other topic you opened regarding shortcode and WPML. But I don’t think that is related to this issue. If you disable WPML plugin, does is display the review star rating correctly?

    Can you please send me the link to the product with these reviews you are having issues with so that I can check. Also, send a screenshot of these reviews from the back end showing 5 stars rating.

    HI @ivole2,

    yes, WPML seems to be the problem. After disabeling WPML, all 5 stars are visible again.
    Please check

    Plugin Support ivole2


    @bananamix, I’m referring to the total rating of the product. I have checked the link you sent and I can see that each review has five stars but the total rating is still one star. Can you send me a screenshot of the product page showing 5 stars TOTAL ratings when WPML is disabled?

    Hi @ivole2,

    thank you for your fast answer.

    WPML seems to use an internal product-id to configurate all product properties independly for each language. I am using the plugin “Advaced bulk edit” to show the internal WPML-product-ids in my screenshots. Next to the WPML-product-id the SKU is independly from any language.

    I think that’s the reason why the german version shows one star and 4 reviews and the english version shows no star and no reviews.

    Please check my screenshots at showing 5 stars with deactivated WPML and the internal WPML-IDs.

    I think it would be great to show german reviews on the english verion as well.

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    @bananamix. thank for providing that.

    We believe that WPML is affecting the default Woocommerce review functionality which is why you are experiencing this issue. Can you try to disable the cusrev plugin and leave WPML enabled and check the total star rating again. Please send me the screenshot of the result.

    @ivole2 , thank you for your answer.

    I deactivated Customer Reviews 3.72, cleared the cache and started new incognito-window in my Chrome Browser. But I still have the same result: Only one star in total ratings and 4 user ratings with 5 stars each.

    Please check my screenshots at

    Having the exact same problem, conflict with WPML. Following the thread, hoping for a solution.

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    @bananamix @kovbal79

    This only confirms that the issue is not with customer review plugin but with WPML.

    WPML is affecting the Woocommerce review which is why the issue persists even if cusrev is disabled.

    I would suggest for you to contact WPML support to resolve this issue.

    @ivole2 OK, thank you anyway for your support.

    @kovbal79 Please get back to this thread in case you find a solution concerning the WPML issue. I will do the same.

    @kovbal79 I have updated the total rating record in phpMyAdmin by using the select string:

    SELECT * FROMwp_postmetaWHEREpost_id= 41899 andmeta_key= '_wcml_average_rating'

    To find the according post_id you only have to go into the edit mode of your product and have a look into the URL of the site.

    Plugin Support ivole2


    @bananamix thank you for sharing that solution.

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