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  • It looks as if is recording the very first title I use for a post in it’s database. So if I write a draft and type “qwertyuiop” for the title, but change the title to “foo bar” before publication, it for some reason has already recorded the title as “qwertyuiop”. For anyone who makes use of drafts, this really sucks.

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  • WP saves drafts automatically. Right under the post title you see:
    Permalink: http://_________ and then “Edit“. Hit the edit button, and then change your title. You can do this after posting, too, but that will break the link if anyone has linked to you.

    I’m talking about the stats plugin.

    I am seeing this too – the first draft (often a partial title, often the old title, and sometimes just the post number) is “locked in” as far as stats are concerned. Bummer because it’s sorta hard to remember what post “835” is and why it’s become so popular. 😉

    I am having the same issue. I am on WP 2.5.1 and Stats 1.2.1 and Popular Posts 1.2. Anyone have a clue as to why it’s holding the old draft titles? Not a big deal in the Stats page, but I’d like my Popular Posts to show up correctly. I’ve searched the database, but found nowhere that the original title is stored.

    Update: I exported my entire database and did a search in WordPad. I found the offending entry in the wp_options table. You’ll have to find the INSERT command and grab the option_id (first value). But here’s what’s screwy…I go into edit mode and change the old title to the new one (have also tried with just “Test”). I save it, go back into the record, the change is there. Then I refresh the site and it’s reverted in the table. What is going on here?

    It looks like all of my titles are stored in option_id 1548, so perhaps it’s a standard. It’s called stats_cache, so perhaps that is why it won’t maintain the change?

    Update #2: It appears that “stats_cache” is the cache of my most popular posts for the Popular Posts plugin, because they are in order of popularity, so the push for them is coming from elsewhere. Nothing else in the database matches the text. Does WP actually store something outside of my database somewhere (like a central DB or something)? Anyone have a clue?

    From my knowledge, all the information is held on WordPress servers.

    That is why the titles doesn’t update accordingly.

    Also, in some places, if you have modified permalinks (not ?p=19 and similar) you will notice that the link still goes to ?p=19 instead of /2008/05/my-post or similar.

    does anyone have any solution on it? I’m facing this problem too for showing just the “Draft” titles on my weblog under the “Most Popular Posts” Category. T_T

    It looks like the upgrades to the plugins have fixed the issue. I upgraded to Stats 1.2.2 and Popular Posts 1.3.1 today and titles are showing properly in both.



    I am running Stats 1.2.2 (since June 8) and WordPress version 2.5.1 and I am still having this problem. My 7+ days stats don’t even show the titles that I’ve changed. Any help?!

    Also happening to me:
    Apparently there’s another post on this as well but it also has no solution unfortunately:

    They said that autosave is causing the issue.

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