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  • Hello Sark,

    I still need help with bug fixing for 2 topics:

    1.) When I use a fee rule in a custom field, the % calculation is calculating from net price (without tax). In the sub total it is displaying the right percentage but from the net price. I were not able to fix this by myself.

    2.) Some strings are not translateable (f.ex. via Loco translate). This is important when I have required fields. The “required” seems to be fixed in the code. Please make it translateable.

    Another question is, how I can change the order of admin and product fields. On product page I want to show the admin field before the product field.

    For Admin fields there is this extremly nice tooltip function. But I need it on the frontend, not on the backend. Is there any chance to get it to the frontend site? And – if possible – the tooltip would be extremy nice for the product fields as well, on the frontend I mean.

    I know, so many wishes, but your plugin seems to be the best on the market in the fields of custom fields! It’s even now better than any premium plugings.

    Keep on!

    Cheers, Tastenmeister

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