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Wrong tag title

  • Someone created a tag called “Sandick” at http://wordpress.com/tag/sandick/. I didn’t know my family was so well-known or important and felt quite flattered, as it is even labeled a “Featured Blog”. But when I looked a little closer I noticed that not one of the items listed with the tag is about Sandick at all. Perhaps you fix this and notify the user of the error, because it appears (s)he has not noticed the mistake and continues to add items about Sandisk.

    Thank you in advance, also on behalf of the company, which is in the business of selling disks. I ‘m sure they ‘re as proud as I am of the last four letters in their name.

    (The above was originally written into the contact form at http://wordpress.com/contact-support/, but after submitting the form I was informed that I needed to register before my message could be delivered. There is room for improvement of this user experience, and having to post to a forum seems like a little overexposure for the issue.)
    Thanks again, and all the best with your blogs,
    Ivo van Sandick, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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  • Anything related to wordpress.COM should be posted there (and the registration requirement also refers to that site!).
    This is wordpress.ORG – a different site, which means you are posting it in the wrong place.

    Well sorry about that then. The dotcom-people must have put up a wrong link then to their support pages. I tried to retrace my path and found that the dotcom version links to the dotorg version on the page that shows up when submitting the request for support form there. The line in question is: “We only provide support for WordPress.com blogs here. Please go to the WordPress.org Support Forum for further help.” where the part that reads “WordPress.org Support Forum” is linked to http://wordpress.org/support/.

    Also, the similarilty in design between the two sites makes it very hard for outsiders like me to tell any difference. You can easily distance yourself from those commercial folks by not choosing the same shade of blue as a basic colour, or having a different font for your sitename. In short, I think wordpress.com and wordpress.org are managed by the same group of people, I don’t see the difference and I don’t see a forum on the other site. I have been blind before, so please point me to the correct URL if you know where I should go.

    Thanks, Ivo

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